Best bassinets reviewed: Why we love them

By Brooke Collins

When preparing for your upcoming bundle of joy, there is no doubt that you also have to prepare for a whole lot of new gear that comes with it. While you might try to save space (and money) by putting your

The Graco Pack N Play flies ahead of the rest and has earned the top spot on our list. With a durable frame and the signature Graco push button, the Pack N Play easily folds to ensure your baby will be comfy and cozy in a familiar sleeping spot no matter where you are!

The automatically folding feet and wheels allow for a compact fold while storing and will prove to be a convenient sleeping solution while you travel. The full-sized, removable bassinet portion supports babies up to 15 pounds so will readily accommodate your newborn for the first months of their life.

Another bonus of the Pack N Play is its versatility. Not only is it a bassinet for your little one, but it can become a place to play and nap as they grow! It features a toybar with soft toys to entertain your baby and give them the visual stimulation they need. With all of its features and uses, the Graco Pack N Play is simply the best bassinet on the market!

2. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

Coming in second on our list is the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that rotates a full 360 degrees, giving you convenience and proximity. This bassinet is great because it allows your baby to sleep as close as you want while still keeping them in their own separate sleep space. Your little one can be within your reach while staying safe, perfect for all of those late night feedings!

Its unique swivel allows you to easily get baby in and out of bed while its mesh sides provide ultimate breathability. Its patented side wall lowers and returns automatically, providing convenience for all mothers, especially those recovering from C-sections. The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper can accommodate your baby until five months, proving to be a beneficial product that has great value. This bassinet stands out with its unique swivel and will keep your baby safe and comfortable while being a huge convenience and overall excellent product.

3. Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Third place on our list is the Arm’s Reach Curved Mini Co-Sleeper. This bassinet also allows you to have your baby close to you from the moment they arrive while ensuring they are on their own flat sleep surface. Perfect for feeding and nighttime cuddles, the Curved Mini Co-Sleeper is the ideal sleep solution for any parent. Sufficient for babies five months and under, this bassinet will give you many nights of use and function.

Having your baby close will ease your mind and allow you to comfort and soothe them while never having to leave your bed! With four mesh sides and a firm mattress, your baby will be safe and sound while they slumber. The Curved Mini Co-Sleeper has a storage basket underneath which is perfect for blankets and swaddles. It also has wheels so you can move your baby with you to different rooms while they sleep. With its convenience and value, you simply can’t go wrong with the Curved Mini Co-Sleeper!

4. Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care Bassinet & Incline Sleeper

If you are looking for more of a traditional bassinet, the best choice is the Kolocraft Cuddle ‘N Care. The Cuddle ‘N Care is the only traditional bassinet that offers an incline option for babies that suffer from colic or congestion. Especially designed in collaboration with medical professionals, the incline offers support when your baby is congested, alleviating their discomfort and giving both mom and baby a restful night’s sleep.

The Cuddle ‘N Care has many bonus features including a Light Vibes electronic unit that plays classical music and nature sounds along with vibrations or a soft-glow light. It provides visual stimulation, when you choose, with a canopy mobile that has plush-bear toys attached. If that wasn’t enough, this bassinet also has a large storage basket for diapers or any other supplies and toys you may need within reach! With all of its added features and extras, the Kolocraft Cuddle ‘N Care is an innovative option with a traditional design.

5. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Last but not least is the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet. Another more traditional option, its convenient wheels allow you to easily roll it to different locations, letting your baby be comfortable whether at your side at night or in the living room during nap time. With beautiful wood and an espresso finish, this bassinet complements any nursery or room decor while providing a safe and comfortable sleep space.

The Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet includes an extra large storage basket for all of your supplies and needs. With an added music module, you can easily choose from calming melodies, nature sounds, or a womb sound to help your baby relax. For even more relaxation, there is a vibration option that will calm and soothe your little one. It also features an adjustable canopy that will block out bright lighting that could disturb their slumber. Designed for babies up to 15 pounds, this timeless item will be a worthwhile addition to any home!


Choosing a sleeping space for your baby is a huge decision. You will want to provide a space that is not only cozy and comfortable but also safe. A bassinet gives you all of these options and more while allowing you to keep your baby close to you while they sleep.

The bassinets on our list will provide you with value, convenience, and peace of mind. As you gaze down at your beautiful new addition, you can be confident that they are snuggled and safe in their top-rated bassinet.

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