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Whal lithium Ion trimmer

Growing a beard has definitely come back in style. Whether you are keeping short scruff or going for that mountain man look, one thing is for sure you are going to need a beard trimmer to keep it groomed and in check so as to maintain an appropriate appearance for business.

There are quite a few to choose from in this market and it’s important to know which is the best best beard trimmer for you.

Not all models come with the same features and there’s going to be a few factors you’ll want to look at when you are choosing a trimmer.

First, what type or style of beard are you trying to achieve? If you want to keep it short and detailed you may want one with more attachments. If your growing it out and just want to keep it under control you are probably looking one with an adjustable trimmers.

Something else to consider is battery life. Is it cordless or can it hold a charge? How long does the charge hold. Also there is the price of the beard trimmer. Not everyone can invest in some of the more expensive ones. Luckily most of them are all very affordable.

There’s a lot to think about but you should look at it as an investment in a tool to help style your facial hair. Beard trimmers will help let you create your desired look and easily trim down the length. So never fear, we’re here to help you.

Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

1. Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All in One Trimmer

This is a powerful cordless electric shaver with sharp blades and long lasting batter life. Only needs 1 hour to fully charge and for those of you that forget to plug in there is a quick charge feature. Only need to charge it for 1 minuet to give you 4 minutes of use. Overall the best mix of power and battery life in a cordless shaver.

It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver to get those clean lines and even fades. It cuts more hair in a single pass and barely tugs out the hair if at all. Even if you have a course beard.

To help with your desired look it comes with a bunch of accessories. There’s a precision detailer for timing around the lip, nose, and eyebrow. A dual foil shaver if you want to get a more close shave. The trimmer blade and four beard guides (Stubble, Medium, Full, and 6-position guide).

Next there is a wider T-blade which is good for covering more area or touching up your hair. It comes with three guid combs (1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”). Also in the package is a charger, beard comb, a small bottle of mineral oil, and a cleaning brush. Some even come with a tray or travels bag to help keep track of all these pieces.

Overall you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this model. It has a solid construction as do the hard plastic trimming guides that will last you a long time. You can’t go wrong with a product from Wahl, they have been in the business for over 89 years, and stand behind their products. This model is also usually at the top of the list for best sellers on multiple sites.

2. Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Norelco Qt4070This electric shaver for men features an integrated Vacuum setting ensuring that you can shave anywhere without mess. No more hair-covered sinks which should get you brownie points with the girlfriend/wife. It’s setup to capture hair inside the trimmer handle as you cut. However it’s not 100% perfect so you still will have a few stray hairs but much better than normal.

This trimmer offers 18 secured length settings from 1mm to 18mm. There is an easy zoom lock wheel which you use to securely select your length. It will also brightly show the setting you’ve chosen on the it’s multifunctional display. The wheel is a little hard to move at first but as you use it more it eases up a bit. If you are looking for a bit of shadow on the face there is one more setting, the stubble setting, that allows you to trim down to 1/2 mm.

For those of you that have a thick beard or just love more power there is a Turbo Power button on this trimmer. It will boost the cutting and fan speed to handle those thicker hairs.

The blades are maintenance free that are said to always stay sharp. It requires no oiling. The Norelco QT 4070 can be used cordless or corded depending on your preference. As for the battery you will get 50 minuets of use cordless after a one-hour charge. It’s not considered washable but it comes with a brush that makes it easier to keep clean.

3. Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

Braun Cruzer 6 trimmerThe Cruzer 6 is a great choice for those looking for options. It features 12 length settings. The provided beard comb lets you choose from 6 different length settings(1mm-11mm). The hair comb then gives you another 6 longer settings(10mm-20mm). Both of these combs have a click and lock functionality so they stay firmly in place. This trimmer also comes with a small precision trimmer to help with hard to reach places and styling.

The Cruzer 6 can be used on wet and dry hair due to the body being completely sealed. Helps with cleaning if you want to run it under the water as well.

On a single charge of an hour you get 40 minuets of use. It boasts a powerful dual-battery system that is suppose to stay consistent trimming power throughout your shave. However reviews on amazon have said that over time the battery doesn’t hold it’s charge as long. Also that the overall power isn’t as great as our first two mentions. However you are still getting a great trimmer with many features.

4. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Trimmer

This sleek looking grooming tool comes equipped with titanium-coated, self-sharpening, self-oiling blades. These blades are strong and durable lasting you a long time. It comes with three different attachable heads. You have your choice of beard, goatee, or stubble trimmer. There are nine different length settings which you can switch by using the zoom wheel(1.5mm-18mm).

It charges fully in 3 hours and you can get 120 minutes of use. Thats about the longest lasting batter of the lot. It is cordless and is designed to be quick and comfortable to use. You can remove the head as well and they are washable. Just remember to dry immediately after.

5. Andis T-Outline Trimmer with T-blade

Andis T ouline trimmerThis model is a corded trimmer and is build solid as a rock. It is the only corded model on the list but if you don’t mind it you definitely get a whole lot of torque from this trimmer. It runs cool and quite. You’ll probably see one or two of these in your local barber shops as well.

The T-Ouline comes equipped with a close-cutting T-blade with some fine-cutting teeth. So if you are looking for a cut that is extremely close and very precise this will give you what you need.

A lot of individuals who have issues with sensitive skin reach for this beard trimmer and in most reviews you won’t see any complaints of in-grown hairs or nicks. The blades are high quality carbon and should last you a long time as long as you take care of them properly.

The plus of the solid construction can also been seen as a down side by some. You will have to unscrew the trimmer in order to clean and oil the blades. It might not be as convenient as the others on the list.

Wrap it up

So overall the list of best beard trimmers won’t let you down. Just pick what you think is going to work best for your face. There won’t be one that has every feature you need but one of these trimmers will make a great addition to your bathroom grooming products. The Wahl seems to be the best seller for a reason and most will tend to lean towards that given all it’s features.

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