Best Double Umbrella Stroller: Which Is Right For You?

By Elizabeth Kroll

Three years ago, I was blessed with the birth of my son. And then seven months ago, I welcomed my daughter into the world. After deciding to become a full-time stay at home mom, I knew it was time to find the best double umbrella stroller for my growing family. After reading all of the umbrella stroller reviews that I could find, I felt comfortable in assembling my list of the best models on the market today.

Umbrella strollers are great for travel, folding up in a snap just like an umbrella. With carrying straps, these lightweight models are great whether you’re taking your kids on a cross-country trip in the car or by plane.

Below are the best umbrella double stroller models that I reviewed:

If you’ve got two children, the Delta Children LX Side by Side is easily one of the best double umbrella strollers you can find. Both kids are held secure with a 5-point harness that is well padded and the canopies are extremely generous. Even though it’s a double stroller, the Delta Children LX Side by Side easily fits through most doorways.

The parent/pusher gets their own cup holder and there’s plenty of storage underneath as well as to big storage bags behind the seats. Fairly lightweight at just 21 pounds, this stroller folds up small enough to fit in an airplane overhead bin with no problem. Definitely a winner.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

I think the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side makes it to the top of best double umbrella stroller lists because it is so incredibly lightweight. I like how the seats can recline independently, and each kid gets their own roll-up mesh screen to keep out the bugs and dirt. Astonishingly lightweight, the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side has very big canopies and is strong enough to handle two kids up to 35 pounds apiece. The children are kept in place with a 3-point harness and when it’s time to fold the stroller up, it is small enough to fit into an overhead bin or small car’s trunk. There’s even a cup holder for the parent/pusher to keep a bottle of water or juice. This is an excellent choice with great features that anyone with more than one child can appreciate. It’s truly a purchase you can’t go wrong with.

Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller

Big enough for two children, the Delta Children City Street Side by Side is designed to fit through standard doorways and grocery store aisles with ease. JPMA certified, this stroller meets both ASTM and CPSC standards, which gives me a nice feeling. The canopies are somewhat simplistic but I know that many parents consider the Delta Children City Street Side by Side one of the best umbrella double stroller models because it weighs just 19 pounds. There’s a nice hanging bag behind each seat for any purchases you make along the way and some room underneath for supplies. Despite its lightweight design, the stroller is quite sturdy and a pleasure to push. Easily fits in an overhead bin or small car back seat or trunk.


AmorosO Twin Baby Stroller

AmorosO Twin Baby Stroller

I’d never used an AmorosO stroller before trying out their Twin model and I have to say I’m impressed. There are a total of twelve 6-inch wheels on this stroller and the front ones can swivel, a nice touch for maneuvering in tight spaces. My kids really enjoyed riding around in this stroller and it felt sturdy and reliable. When it’s time to pack it away or the kids are taking a break, the AmorosO stroller folds up really easily. The fabric is a really nice material and easy to clean, a nice benefit for busy parents when there’s been an accident. Rear bags are plenty spacious enough for drinks, supplies and purchases and the whole thing can fold up and fit in an overhead airplane bin.

J is for Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller

With very large, adjustable canopies that include a sun visor, it’s easy to see why so many double umbrella stroller reviews rave about the Jeep Scout Double. Each seat can recline to several positions and the 5.5-inch wheels can handle bumpy terrain with no problem. Still narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and narrow aisles, the Jeep Scout Double features five-point harnesses to keep the kids secure.

Much like its automobile counterparts, the Jeep Scout Double has a really nice suspension system that smooths out jolts and bumps. The parent/pusher gets a cup holder which I can use for my keys in addition to a drink. All told, the whole thing weighs just over 18 pounds and yet folds up nicely to a very compact shape.

In summary, whether you’re heading to an amusement park or going somewhere by plane, a good double umbrella stroller is an invaluable asset for a parent of two children. Yes, they fold down very nicely and fit into overhead bins or small car back seats or trunks, but a truly good double umbrella stroller has plenty of storage space for supplies and purchases, a nice canopy for keeping out the sun, a secure but comfortable seat for both of the kids, and wheels that turn easily. All of the models that I reviewed fit through a standard doorway and I had no trouble taking them into the handicapped stall in the bathroom or negotiating crowded grocery store aisles. All in all, I must say I was very impressed by how much stroller you get in these very well-designed double umbrella models.

Still looking? Check out best umbrella strollers for my general review page, as well as best reclining umbrella stroller and best umbrella stroller for travel pages for more info. Babygearlab is also a great resource for busy moms on the go.

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