Best Golf Etiquette Tips | Expectations on the Golf Course

By Robert Washington

golf etiquette

The rules of golf etiquette are applied at every game to make the play fun yet safe. I would usually enjoy my time at the course more if all my partners followed proper golf etiquette. Practicing etiquette before, during and after the game shows respect to three vital aspects: the game itself, the golf course, and the other players.

A little thoughtfulness can go a long way especially when you’ve been playing under the heat of the sun for hours. Here are a few golf etiquette tips to remember when planning to spend time at the golf course:

Respect The Game

Whether you’re a pro or just playing for recreational purposes, a little respect for the game can get you a long way. Aside from gaining friends and possible more invitations to friendly matches, showing respect for the game brings out the best in you.

  • Wear appropriate attire – Like any other sport, proper attire speaks volumes about the player’s respect for the game. Wearing appropriate attire ensures that you play without revealing too much skin, and that you are comfortably mobile for the strokes, all the while preventing everyone else around you from feeling uneasy.
  • Know how to vent properly – Throwing your club when you’re way off the green isn’t exactly proper, and a stream of profanity will most likely make all the other players uncomfortable. Keep your temper in check; remember that everyone experiences a bad shot every now and then.
  • Learn the local rules of the course you are in – knowing the local rules keeps you from making mistakes in the course that can otherwise be avoided. If you have a caddie, they will most likely orient you as you go along.

Take Care of The Course

No matter what game you play, keeping the ground or court clean is part of the decorum you observe as a player. Nobody likes the feeling of approaching the ball only to find the area damaged with marks and footprints (for bunkers) that could have been easily covered or erased. This shows disrespect for the course and affects the mood, and possibly the game of the next player that comes across the area.

Keep your golf cart trail invisible

There is proper golf etiquette for cart use, and this includes staying in pathways intended for golf carts. Depending on the rules of the specific course, players would either have to stay on cart paths or observe the 90-degree rule. Make sure you are familiar with the rules before using the course.

Repair Bunkers

Use a rake after playing from a bunker and smoothen out the sand to eliminate footprint and play indentations. Enter the bunker from the low end and do not attempt to descend from the steep side. This serves as a safety precaution, as well as for preservation purposes.

Fix Your Pitch Marks And Divots Properly

A badly fixed pitch mark or divot may deflect a ball passing through the fairway, and can break the game of the next person who plays in the area. I wouldn’t want to practice so much only to get your ball deflected when you’re close to the green.

Be Mindful of Other Players

This set of rules of golf etiquette is simply an extension of the Golden Rule applied to the sport. The “players” being respected aren’t just the ones you are playing with, but also the groups behind and ahead of you. Your actions on the course affect a lot of game plays, so you better know how to be courteous to other players by following these golf etiquette tips:

Mind your pace – If you notice that your group plays slowly, plan your shot before you reach your ball and walk at an appropriate speed between tees. If you are not ready and a faster group catches up, allow them to play through.

Say Fore! – If there is a possibility that a person or group can be hit with your shot, warn them by using this internationally recognized alert.

Do not make any interruptions – When another player is getting ready to putt, position yourself so that you don’t distract the player and be silent.

Golf is a game of sportsmanship and respect, and golf etiquette is expected of everybody in the course. It is the responsibility of every player to know the rules as well as to display proper behavior.

A new player with good etiquette will have more chances of getting lesson tips from seasoned golfers than a player who shows no respect for the game. In the end, what everybody wants is a good, fun, and safe game, and these tips will help you navigate through the aspects of the sport outside of just hitting the ball and making sure it gets to the hole.

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