Best Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews: 2016 Comparison

By Michael OSullivan

managed wordpress hosting reviews

When undertaking the task of creating a web site of any sort, it is natural to be consumed by the design of the page – how it will look – and the technical aspects of building and launching it. The design, the back-end details – these are major concerns and major time investments. But finding the best managed WordPress hosting for your needs is also a very important decision and should be carefully considered.

Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews





Price / month

Plan Type

30 GB

500 GB



Core I Cloud VPS





WP Managed

30 GB




Go Geek

5 GB

50 GB



Business I

10 GB

500 GB

25 K



Managed Hosting Or Shared Hosting – What Is Right For You?

managed wordpress hosting reviews

It is important that you know, beforehand, what you want your web presence to achieve – this will aid in knowing what level of hosting you should attain. If you are just getting started and aren’t planning to get too complicated, then you ought to look into shared hosting.

If you anticipate building a site that is going to attract a good amount of traffic, and scale over time, then managed hosting is the way to go. You will likely need the strong customer support and technical know-how that managed hosting brings to the table. This article will dive deeper into what is meant by “managed hosting” and will compare several managed WordPress hosting providers. Hopefully you will be on your way to making an informed decision.

What Does Managed Hosting Provide?

As more and more businesses and marketers have come to embrace the internet as a means by which to get their message out and form their tribes, the need to get engaging websites up and active as quickly as possible has never been more necessary.

WordPress has greatly democratized the world wide web by giving almost anyone an opportunity to launch a web presence. But the fact remains that a bit of education and skills are needed to use WordPress effectively. Harried business owners and many marketers rarely have the time to master these skills.

Enter managed hosting. Managed hosting has become increasingly popular over the past few years as it has become known not only for its hardware advantages, but for its important service aspects as well. Managed WordPress hosting can put time back into the business owner’s hands so that he or she can focus on the needs of clients.

So what is managed hosting, exactly? Very simply put, the best managed hosting provides additional speed, space and security for its customers. IT specialists managing these systems are regularly performing security checks, upgrading hardware and software, and maintaining an optimal environment for server performance.

So with managed hosting, customers should expect that their sites will remain running (“uptime”), protected from viruses, and backed up often in case data becomes compromised. This type of hosting is best for those who lack the right technical skills and the time to manage the server.

Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison – Points To Consider

managed wordpress hosting reviews

The most thoughtful managed WordPress hosting providers use servers configured to provide better and faster WordPress performance than shared hosts. They also offer 24/7 customer service and troubleshooting, site set up and/or migration and any number of additional feature packs. So not only are IT professionals at your service, but these experts also know the WordPress platform intimately and are able to walk customers through any and all technical issues.

The benefits offered by managed WordPress hosting do not come c???heaply. For the many hardware, space, speed, security and service options being packaged and offered, prices can range anywhere from $5.00 per month all the way up to $299. This is why business owners must carefully weigh their choices and consider what type of feature bundles are appropriate for their needs. There is no sense in throwing away money on features that will not be used.

Managed WordPress Hosting – A Smart Decision

While WordPress has greatly eased the pain of creating and launching quality websites, the fact remains that not everyone has the time to learn WordPress’s still considerable intricacies. For those who demand an active and growing web presence, but lack the time and know-how to maintain the site themselves, then finding the best managed WordPress hosting provider is a smart business decision.

A simple Google search highlights numerous managed WordPress hosting reviews, all with varying degrees of detail. We hope that this article provides just the right amount of information, without overwhelming.

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