Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money From Home

By Greg Nunan

If you have spare time every once in awhile, or are looking for a fairly stress-free way to make extra money from home, consider paid surveys. Yes, you can spend your evenings or holiday breaks earning extra cash by testing products or by simply filling out online surveys.

With companies all over the world investing a lot of money on market research, they offer rewards for your valuable opinions. Why do they do this? It’s because these firms always want to know more details regarding the relationship of their customers with their products.

For instance, from existing product lines to new TV shows, big corporations such as Sony, Disney and Samsung invest heavily just to know their ideal audiences.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of research firms out there, but they are not always as legitimate as they try to appear.

That’s why we have compiled a number of only the most reliable and legit paid survey sites. We also show how much you could make (from a realistic point of view) on every site and then share some useful tips on how you can optimize your earnings.

How to make money from paid surveys


It’s a site which can make you earn extra dollars not just from surveys but also on other tasks like data entry and writing reviews. Rewards come in the form of cash and the amount per survey is $1.50-$3. Minimum reward threshold is £25 (around $38).

Vivatic is actually a good site as surveys take around only 15 minutes to finish, so it can take you quite a while in order for you to reach the minimum reward threshold. However, the good news is that there are still several additional money making opportunities that they provide, so it’s still worth it to sign up.


This site is widely known for their brief and fast surveys regarding each topic. It also offers surveys to the major brands as well as the press. Rewards come in the form of Paypal payments or cash. The amount per survey is up to around $1.50 and the minimum reward threshold is around $60.

Surveys usually take about 3 minutes, so in order to earn $60, it would take probably take about 10 hours to do so. You have to monitor your account everyday for the surveys and there are some users who claimed that they got stuck just below the payment threshold. So, if this ever occurs, you could refer a friend for a small referral fee, then you can withdraw what you earned.


This is one of the best paying and the biggest market research (survey-based) firms, working with trusted brands from around the world. You can receive your rewards in the form of high-street and Amazon vouchers, as well as prize draws for the members. Amount for each survey is £1 (approx $1.50), and the minimum reward threshold is $15.

Ipsos is a highly trusted panel. You’re being sent surveys each week in order to respond by email. The good news is that, while its reward threshold is quite low, most users would be able to cash out in just below 10 surveys.

Pinecone Research

This is an exclusive product testing and survey firm that are invite only. You’re being rewarded £3($4.50) for each finished survey, that comes with free products to test and you can keep later. Amount for each survey is around $4.50.

Pinecone is one of the best survey sites there is and the invites are rare, hence, it is absolutely worth to sign up whilst they got some invites to offer. They got some great payouts and more importantly, their surveys do not take that long to finish. However, it’s not guaranteed that Pinecone Research would be opened to new registrations to anyone at some time, but best to keep on the lookout for openings!

Valued Opinions

They are a part of a bigger market research group. What they do is that they send out online surveys to the members with profiles that match their requirements and especially their demographics. Rewards can be received via vouchers including John Lewis, Amazon, M&S among others. Amount for each survey is up to $7.50, and the minimum reward threshold is only $15.

Perhaps the best advantage of signing up for Valued Opinions is that you’re automatically entered into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad. Then from there, they would use your profile to send you to some related surveys for you to complete. The surveys are in fact pretty interesting, and could take you anywhere from 10-30 minutes per survey; in 1 hour, you can already have a $15 voucher.


They are a well-known consumer panel constantly searching for new members to take part in market research studies in exchange for rewards. You can claim your rewards via high-street vouchers, Amazon, as well as Paypal payments. Amount for each survey is more or less 100 points and the minimum reward threshold is 345 points or $4.50.

Now, this one is another site that’s certainly worth signing up with. On the average, it can take around 15 minutes to complete the process, and it awards you with 100 points. Therefore, you can profit about $7.50/hour.

Summing Up

These are just some of the trusted paid survey sites you can try. So how do you maximize profits with them? It’s suggested that you sign up to a few of them so that you’ll always have surveys to respond to. You also want to double check the payouts per survey and thresholds as they can be subject to change and the above should be used as a guide.

I also recommend that you set up your alias email for your survey accounts. And lastly, never ever pay just to join, as all of those listed sites are for free when you sign up. They’re already tested and proven to be legitimate.

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