Best Reclining Umbrella Stroller: Top Rated Models and Brands

By Elizabeth Kroll

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

I gave birth to my first child, my son, just over three years ago and I didn’t know much about strollers then. But after the arrival of my now 7-month-old daughter, I decided to put my career on hold to devote myself to being a full-time stay at home mom. I put my analytical skills to the test by trying out several models to find the best reclining umbrella stroller to meet my needs. All of the models that I reviewed were quite lightweight, offered several convenient reclining positions for my child, and were, of course, super easy to fold up when we got back to the car or house.

Below are my reviews of the 5 best reclining umbrella stroller models:

When it’s time to pack it up, the 3D Lite folds down in a second and has a nice auto locking feature so it won’t pop back open. I also liked how it came with its own carry strap, perfect for carrying it to the car, down to the water, or anywhere else you want to take it.

Summer Infant GO Lite Convenience Stroller

I reviewed the “Go Green Go” model, decorated in cheerful neon green and black. One of the best reclining umbrella stroller models that I reviewed, the Go Lite has both an adjustable canopy as well as several different reclining positions. The front wheels have their own suspension system and it’s a snap to lock the real wheels.

Your kid will ride in safety with a 5-point harness and there’s plenty of storage room underneath for a diaper bag and other things. A really nice touch is that the crotch strap is padded for extra convenience. And, of course, it folds up in a snap for when it’s time to put the stroller away.

Kolcraft Plus Cloud Lightweight Stroller

Weighing less than 12 pounds, the Kolcraft Cloud earns its name. This top rated reclining umbrella stroller includes a very big canopy that has its own “peek-a-boo” window for keeping an eye on your little one when they’re sleeping. With a 5-point harness, this stroller can handle children up to 50 pounds.

One really nice feature on the Kolcroft Cloud Plus is that both the child and pusher/parent get their own tray with two cup holders, perfect for when it’s time to stop for a snack. Folds up with a one-hand motion and stays upright until it’s time to pack it away in the car trunk or closet.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

From one of the top manufacturers of baby gear, the Chicco Capri weighs 11 pounds and yet feels quite sturdy. Many rate this as a best reclining umbrella stroller model and I understand why as the front wheels smooth out bumps and jolts and the seats can be reclined to one of two positions.Your child is kept securely in place with the 5-point harness and there’s a nice storage area underneath for supplies and purchases. The canopy can be adjusted a number of different ways so you’ll never have to worry about getting sun on your little one’s face. Folds up like a dream and includes its own carrying strap.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

I had to include the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side in my reclining umbrella stroller reviews because its an ideal stroller for parents with two kids who want to take them both out at the same time. Strong enough to handle up to two kids weighing up to 35 pounds apiece, the stroller also comes with a cup holder for the parent/pusher. Besides the standard canopy, there’s also a mesh screen that can be rolled up for when you don’t need it. Both kids are kept in place with a 3-point harness system and each seat can be separately reclined. Most astonishingly, even though this is a double stroller, the whole thing weighs only 21 pounds. This stroller with all it’s features is an excellent value as well.

In conclusion, it wasn’t easy choosing my favorite reclining umbrella strollers to include on this list. Named for their ability to fold up like an umbrella, these strollers are great for moms on the go, easily store-able in the back seat of a car or in most overhead bins on the plane. Despite their flexibility and light weight, these umbrella strollers are also incredibly strong and durable. Simple to fold or unfold, most include their own carrying strap. With storage room underneath and often a bag on the rear, you’ve got plenty of room for your gear or purchases you make while out and about. The kids are comfortable and relaxed with seats that can recline, so it’s really hard to ask more from such a conveniently-designed stroller.

If you want to check out other model types, my general review page for the best umbrella stroller has other options to choose from including best double umbrella strollers and best umbrella strollers for travel. Babygearlab also has some great additional info.

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