Best Shaving Brush For Your Shaving Kit

By Howard Combs

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1. Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush With Black Handle

This is an excellent shaving brush with 100% Badger hair. It is better quality than most at its price point that use poor quality badger, boar or synthetic for brushes. Synthetic has come a long way though.

With each use you will get a great shave and lather that will feel like it exfoliates your skin. We should also mention that there is minimal shedding as with any real hair brush but it will only do this the first few times. This is one of perfectos best products to date and that opinion is shared by the many users of the shaving brush.

best shaving brush

2. Bretto Best Badger Shaving Brush
The shaving brush from Bretto is another best seller in the best badger hair shaving brush competition. It claims it gives a better and closer shave by when the bristles lift and soften men’s hair. The brush also exfoliates as you use it and leaves you with a healthier skin.

It also is made from 100% badger hair with chrome and black wooden handle. The bristles also hold a significant amount of water that allows for a thick lather. As with any real badger hair brush, the first few times will result in hair loss but it is only hairs that didn’t reach the glue base.

best shaving brush

3. Simpsons Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush

Another very popular brush is the Simpsons Colonel X2L Best Badger shaving brush; the company manufactures the brushes in England, UK. It is hand filled with quality badger hair to ensure top notch brushes.

One complaint is that it feels a little small but it works well all the same. The bristles are soft on the skin while the great water retention allows for a wonderful lather. It has a long comfortable handle; it’s made from imitation ivory turned on a lathe. Simpsons has that old world feel to it and it is a best badger shaving brush choice for a starter or beginner.

best shaving brush

4. The Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Shaving Brush

This is yet another remarkable shaving brush. It’s made by a company called The Art of Shaving; a growing company in the men’s grooming industry.

The brush is elegant with pure Badger machine cut hair and hand assembled. The handle is chrome with a fine v cut textured handle that will not slip very easily.

The dense packed hair passes lots of water to create a great lather. This helps to lift and soften the facial hair which in turn lets you get a close and comfortable shave. That type of brush also uses less cream or soap which results in less waste.

best shaving brush

5. Parker 100% Black Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

The Parker black badger shaving brush is one of the best shaving brushes for a beginner. The 100% fill density lets it give a full lather and get a close shave by lifting and softening the hair on the face. Also because it is real hair it holds the heat and water better while retaining its shape. With its genuine black badger bristles it has great quality and value. The brush comes with a dark blue handle with the parker logo stamped on it. The shape is also to make it easier for holding while you are using it.


You should also know that there are lesser types of brushes that do not stand the test of time or the quality of a real badger hair shaving brush. Horse hair is next in line followed by boar and ending with synthetic. None of these come close to the softness and longevity of a badger brush. By having the best shaving brush you also get what comes with it, a close smooth shave after the hair is lifted and softened while your skin is exfoliated by the brush. Badger hair shaving brushes are also better for people with sensitive skin.

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