Best Vacuum For Tile Floors: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

By Carol Flores

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

Tiled floors can look extremely dirty if not cleaned on a regular basis. This is because tiles tend to accumulate dirt and debris easily than rugs, carpets, and other types of floor coverings. Tiled floors are sensitive little things that require utmost care and attention. The good thing is that you can keep them sparkling clean with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are designed with adjustable settings and multiple attachments to tackle any surface and soil level. Here you’ll find a buyer’s guide for the best vacuum for tile floors.

Most experts suggest that tiled floors should be cleaned on a daily basis using soap water and scrubs, but is there any solution for dirt particles and allergens? Of course there is! You can either vacuum them or scrub them off. This is where vacuum cleaners play an overriding role. When you use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt, you also get rid of the debris that frustratingly settles on the edges of your tile floor. Thus, you can sit and relax knowing that your tiled floor is being thoroughly cleaned and the debris will not build up with time. But with so many options to choose from, it becomes a daunting task to determine the best vacuum for your tiled floor. To make it easier for you, we’ve collected a list of the best vacuums for tile floors that will love your tiles as much as you do.

Different types of Vacuums

There are different types of vacuum cleaners for tiled floors available on the market today. All you have to do is to determine the kind of cleaning you do. Some vacuums work best in houses with a lot of stairs while others work best in houses with wall-to-wall carpets or just lots of rugs. It’s important that you know the different types of vacuums so that you can compare and see which vacuum matches your house requirements.

Upright Vs. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuums have one body unit with the suction part positioned at the bottom while canister vacuums have a separate body with the nozzle connected by a hose. Uprights offer a wider cleaning swath and are less costly than Canister. Uprights, especially with a bag are suitable for houses that have lots of rugs or wall to wall carpets. On the other hand, Canister vacuums are better than uprights for cleaning stairs, bare floors, upholstery, and under furniture. Most of the canisters are lighter due to the separate power heads and are easier to maneuver.

Stick Vs. Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

Just like uprights, the stick vacuums have tall bodies, handles, and power heads. Most of them are battery-powered, lightweight and are most convenient when you need to clean up a mess quickly. They are most convenient for people with back problems as you don’t have to bend over to clean a dirty floor. Hand-held vacuum cleaners on the other hand are the exact opposite of stick vacuums. These miniature vacuums come corded or cordless. Most suited for quick surface cleaning and bare floors, hand-held vacuums can also handle pet hair on upholstery. Hand-held vacuums can also be used for cleaning up your car’s interior.

Wet Vs. Dry Vacuum cleaners

Some of the new vacuum cleaners on the market today feature wet wipes or wet wash action so you can vacuum as well as steam/wipe your floors at the same time. While this is practically a good idea, the steamy function adds weight to the vacuum making it heavy to move around and the wet wipes are a little expensive to replenish. Be careful if you are considering this option because some machines may sound like vacuum cleaners but in reality, they are just steamers.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Tiled Floors

Performance, price, durability, and user-friendliness are the key factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Buyers are always looking for money-saving features in vacuums such as bagless vacuum cleaners so that they don’t have to incur additional costs in buying bags for their vacuum cleaners. People with allergies are considering going for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that can capture allergens preventing them from re-entering the air in their homes. To ease you the task of finding the best vacuum for tile floors, we have explored the nitty-gritty of every vacuum cleaner in the market today and presented only the best in a list format.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

The Shark Navigator NV356E did not make it to the top without putting up a fight. There are so many features that make this vacuum outshine others even above its price range. Perfect in every way, the Shark navigator lift-away professional renders amazing bare floor cleaning and great deep carpet cleaning that never loses suction even in the presence of tough messes like soil and pet fur. It’s also the best bare floor vacuum in the market right now. Its innovative interior and the inbuilt Sharks Never Loses Suction Technology make removal of dust and debris from hardwood and other firm surfaces a piece of cake.

The product’s amazing Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology provides more than just HEPA filtration; It traps over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum and not back into the air we breathe. It also comes with large capacity and portable canister for faster and more effortless cleaning. Swivel steering provides complete flexibility to maneuver around obstacles and furniture making cleaning quick and easy. The product also features premium pet power brush, dust brush, and a motorized brush roll that can be turned on and off providing versatile cleaning throughout the home.

2. Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

The Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass renders outstanding performance at a great price. If you have a limited budget (like most of us) then this vacuum from the low-end segment is the best for you. Discounted to under $79.00 the Bissell 9595A takes the front seat in the best bare floor vacuum reviews. Considering its light weight, high capacity, powerful turbo brush, and the thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers, I strongly recommend this cleaner to people who want to buy a vacuum with no hassle.

This product features OnePass technology that steers powerful suction and innovatively designed brush that cleans on the initial pass. The TurboBrush tool works best when cleaning stairs, upholstery and places that are hard to reach. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with Multi-Level filtration-basically a washable foam filter, Cyclonic system for “Long Lasting Powerful Suction”, dirt tank that is easy to remove, and premium attachments that provide faster and more effective cleaning.

3. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

The Hoover Linx Cordless stick Vacuum BH50010 is a high-end cleaner whose specs speak for itself. Aesthetically designed with Hoover WindTunnel technology and cyclonic filtration, the Hoover Linx BH50010 is the best vacuum for ceramic tile floors in the market today. It is ideal for flat floor surfaces, area rugs as well as wall to wall carpets. This Hoover vacuum is sleek and bagless, easy to clean and it’s powered by LINX 18V interchangeable Lithium-ion battery.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art technology that is one of its kinds, the Hoover BH50010 is the first and the only stick vacuum to feature the Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology that lifts deep down dirt from hard floors and carpets for optimal cleaning experience. Cyclonic filtration helps to prevent the filter from clogging and maintains suction power. From debris to dust, even the smallest crumbs will be swept away by the powerful suction of this vacuum. When it’s time to empty out the debris, you just have to open up the dirt-release cup at the bottom.

4. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum

Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum

Designed to “scare” away dirt, this innovative stick vacuum leaves no room for compromise when it comes to cleaning tiled floors. The Dirt Devil SD20000 is bagless and features an on-board crevice tool that allows you to reach hidden spaces in corners and crevices making it the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors. Backed by over 8000 positive customer reviews on Amazon alone, the Dirt Devil SD20000 occupies the king’s seat on the bare floor vacuum reviews.

The products innovative design is lightweight and features a long cord that allows you to move the vacuum from room to room and up and down the stairs and around furniture without hassle. Its simplicity makes it the perfect choice for everyone. All you have to do is detach the hand vac and the system is up and running. The smart bagless design is also easy to empty.

5. Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)-Corded

Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)-Corded

The Shark Navigator NV42 is a powerful vacuum that comes with a long 12-foot hose that addresses one of the biggest challenges with upright vacuums; short hoses with limited reach. This long hose gives it an advantage over other vacuums in that you can clean ceilings and other areas above the floor. Its powerful 1200W motor produces 10 amps, combined with the renowned Sharks’s Never Loses Suction Technology arguably make it the best tile floor vacuum cleaner. The product is great for both small and large houses as it comes with XL size bagless dirt cup that can hold up to 3 quarts of dirt.

If you are a pet owner and you wish to keep your home free from fur, allergens, and dander, then the Shark Navigator NV42 got you covered too. The products powerful cyclonic suction system ensures high impact cleaning from all sorts of dirt, debris, fur, and crumbs. The unit also comes with motorized brush roll which ensures ease of use. The included pet upholstery tool facilitates cleaning of chairs and sofas where pets may perch. The Shark Navigator NV42 is built to stay and render all the round performance. The vacuum is made of plastic, rubber, and metal for durability and long lasting use.

Other Quality Brands of Vacuum Cleaners

Most of the vacuums that have made it to the top are from Shark, Bissell, Hoover, and Dirt Devil. All these brands are popular and have received positive feedback from consumers in terms of performance, price, durability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Other vacuums you can consider that have shown promising features and performance are from VonHaus, Oreck, Eureka, and Black & Decker.

VonHaus Vacuums

VonHaus is a reputable name when it comes to vacuums. As an established brand in the cleaning space, their vacuums are powerful and innovatively designed to cut through the dust, grease, and grime in hardwood floors, tiles, designer carpets, and concrete. It offers a wide variety of products from cleaning, gardens & outdoors, home furnishings, and TV accessories.

Vacuums from VanHaus are multifunctional, bagless, and powerful reaching up to 1200W. They come with HEPA and sponge filtration, powerful suction power, large dust containers, crevice tool and brush attachment for handheld vacuums. VonHaus is definitely a great brand you can consider for your next vacuum.

Oreck Vacuums

With great brand come great products. Oreck is one of the oldest manufacturers of Vacuums. It launched its first vacuum in 1963 which was specifically for the U.S hotel industry and since then, the company has been making the best vacuums for tile floors. Its singular consumer-satisfying philosophy continues to drive Oreck to provide user-friendly, lightweight, and durable vacuums each with exceptional power. Today, the company produces and sells vacuums, floor machines, steam mops, and other cleaning equipment for use in both homes and hotels throughout U.S, Canada, and Europe.

Oreck vacuums promises performance, efficiency, and durability. Its top of the line vacuums comes equipped with the state-of-the-art technology including the Automatic Floor Adjustment features which allows the vacuum to move through carpets and hard surfaces without altering the manual settings. They also come with powerful brush rolls for efficiency in cleaning hard surface. Investing your money in Oreck vacuums is a huge plus as Oreck not only manufactures vacuums that are elegant, but durable too.

Black & Decker Vacuums

Black & Decker are a well-established brand in household cleaning equipment and produce exceptional vacuum cleaners. The brand has been continuously hailed by consumers due to their high-end vacuums. These handheld vacuums are engineered to be lightweight and powerful. Some of their high-performance vacuums feature the wet & dry functionality, so you can clean up liquid spills as well as dirt and dust.

The company offers different types of handheld vacuums. Its top of the range vacuum- the BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac employs the Smart Charge Technology that uses up to 50% less energy with Lithium-ion battery that can hold the charge for up to 18 months. The company has been setting the standards for innovation since 1910 and the same has reflected in their vacuum cleaners. Black & Decker is definitely a great brand to consider for your next vacuum due to their innovation and years of experience in this field.

Eureka Vacuums

Eureka is another reputable name when it comes to vacuums. Since 1909, the company has been manufacturing vacuums and other household floors and surface cleaners. Most of its products come with a variety of exclusive technology including SuctionSeal technology and Airspeed technology. Eureka Brand promises performance and durability and most of it has been in their vacuums and household cleaners.

The company offers a full line of vacuums cleaners including canisters, uprights, handhelds, sticks, and steam cleaners. Most of their vacuums come with high-efficiency allergens filter, suction seal technology and brush roll for bare floor cleaning. With over 100 years of being in the cleaning industry, you can never go wrong with any of their cleaning equipment.

The Vacuum Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a vacuum, there are many options out there, so you need to consider some few things to make your shopping experience fruitful and enjoyable. Do not only consider the models that are cheap or that adds aesthetic beauty to your house as a poor vacuum may bring you headache in more ways than one. Think of this purchase as a long-term investment to your house and research it accordingly. This buying guide will help you to choose the best product that suits your needs.

This video shows some useful tips for buying a good vacuum.

What Areas Will You Be Cleaning?

Will the vacuum be used for cleaning the whole house, car or shop? This will dictate whether you need the larger models that will be sufficient for those areas or a small and light model. If you are looking with the house in mind, then upright vacuums are great for you and are convenient for cleaning large spaced houses. If the cleaning space is small, a light handheld vacuum would be the best for you.

  • What Type of Hard Floor Do You Have?

If your house has glazed tiles, then you shouldn’t worry much as this type of flooring repels dirt. But if your tiles are unglazed, you will need to invest in a powerful vacuum as these tiles attract dirt. For quarry tiles, you will also need to invest in powerful machines as this type of flooring requires a lot of damp mopping. My recommendation is to look for a vacuum that comes with a wet brush or mop as an accessory if you have the quarry or unglazed tiles.

  • What Does Your Home Look Like?

Do you have tiled floors, wall-to-wall carpet, or tiles and carpet? Choose the type of vacuum that address this need. Many vacuum cleaners come with retractable beater brushes so it’s a wise move to look for this feature if you have both tiles and carpet.

  • Bag or Bagless

Many Upright models now come with the ‘bagless’ feature which is a huge plus as it will save you the extra coins of buying bags. It also makes it easier to retrieve those earrings that were accidentally picked as debris. However, if you opt to go for a bagged model know that it might be trouble finding the bag you need if your vacuum is too old. Bagged vacuums have also been reviewed to have decreased performance as the bag fills. Other than that, bagged vacuum cleaners also have great features and benefits associated with them.


Technology has transformed the world on an unprecedented scale within a span of one decade and the wave has transcended right into the vacuums arena. We now have vacuums with HEPA technology for trapping allergens and others with the WindTunnel technology and powerful suction technology for scooping debris and dirt even from the most hidden places in the house. Above, we have covered the tools (vacuums) that feature the aforementioned technology and that are best suited for keeping your tiles sparkling clean.

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