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Fleck 5600SXT 48000 grain water softener digitial sxt metered whole house system

It always feels safe when you drink water that is treated for all contaminants that you might imagine. It feels even more comfortable when you use soft water that has been softened to eliminate water hardness. Hard water has been a problem for many people for many years, but with the use of the best water softener, it is easy to get the so desired soft water. I have been a victim of hard water in the past, and I never liked the results. You can imagine having to deal with regular plumbing problems due to hard water effects.

If you too have faced challenges such as lime scale build up due to hard water, it is time to take the next step and resolve the problem for good. You will need to find the best water softener system for your case. Luckily, below you will get to learn everything important about water softeners.

Best Water Softener Comparison




Flow Rate GPM




WaterBoss 220





On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16000 Grain RV Water Softener

On the Go OTG4 RV

Salt Portable




Aqua Clear Water Pro Combination Softener  Filter

Aqua Clear Pro





APEC - Top Tier - Built in USA - Ultra Safe Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Sy

APEC Top Tier Reverse Osmosis


90 GPD



Aquios FS-234 Whole House Jumbo Water FilterSoftener

Aquios FS-234 Jumbo

Salt Free




Aquasana EQ-1000-AST-AMZN Premium Rhino Whole House Filter with Simply Soft Salt-Free Water Softener

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST





The Fleck 5600SXT Metered Water Softener

The Fleck 5600SXT





Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener

The Watts RV PRO-1000

Salt Portable




Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Water Descaler





Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener

Aquasana EQ-SS20

Salt Free




Types of Water Softeners

You can expect that there will always be more than one method for resolving any problem. The same thing applies to handling hard water. The market right now might be filled with many types of water softeners, but they all fall into the following categories.

i. Salt-based Ion Exchange Water Softener

Salt Based Water Softener

For this type of water softener, the softening happens through using two tanks. One tank is filled with special resin beads while the other one is filled with brine. The softening process works by using the concept of ion exchange. This means that the water is softened when the hard minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron are substituted with salt. In no time, all the hard minerals are eliminated, leaving you with soft water for regular use in the house.

ii. Salt-Free Water Softener

Salt Free Water Softener

Some of the top rated water softeners use this method to handle any limitations offered by the salt-based softeners. For this water softener, it uses potassium chloride salt in the place sodium. Those people who have some serious issues when consuming too much salt should settle for this method. In addition to helping soften the water, this method also acts as a descaler. This means that it helps to prevent the minerals from sticking to pipe surfaces or any other appliances.

iii. Magnetic Water Softeners or Descalers

Magnetic Water Softener

Descalers are used in places where lime build up seems to be a major problem with conventional water softening methods. Electricity is used to generate the magnetic fields that will change the electromagnetic properties of the minerals found in the hard water. This will make the pipes to repel the minerals, thus they will flow down the drain. With the repulsion, forget about ever seeing the lime scale build up in the sinks, faucets or water supply pipes.

iv. Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis Water System

This system will push water under high pressure over a special membrane to remove any type of impurities. The membrane is made in a way that only water can pass through it. It is surprising how the hard water impurities and minerals cannot go past the membrane.

Top Brands of Water Softeners

Not all water softener brands can get to be the best at what they do. Here are the top brands that you should always look for when choosing a new water softener for your house.

i. Fleck Water Softeners

The brand often receives thousands of reviews online for delivering the best water softener products. The brand has earned the reputation of having a fast regeneration period to help with softening water faster than the other types of water softeners. The installation too should not be hard with the detailed instructions the brand often offers in their manuals.

ii. WaterBoss Water Softeners

Even from the brand name, it is easy to see that it can deliver the best water softeners that people need. It also has an impressive online reputation for having softeners that can handle hard water efficiently. The brand often includes additional sediment and dirt filters to help in reducing the contaminants and impurities we get from the drinking water.

iii. NUVO H2O Water Systems

The brand gives the value for your money by offering water softeners with a large capacity. You should have no trouble making more soft water with such type of water softener system. The large capacity makes their systems suitable for larger households. They are also salt free, making the best to use where the users do not like the taste of sodium in their water.

iv. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

The brand uses a different way of softening the water by employing a new technique. The many people who have used it would agree that the product delivers soft water with no cases of lime scale build up. The lime build up will always lead to cases of faucets or water supply lines being clogged.

Top 5 Models of Water Softeners

It is not easy to become among the top 5 models, unless the water softeners actually have something great to offer to the users. From several water softener reviews, here are the top 5 models you should know about.

i. The Fleck 5600SXT Metered Water Softener

This model is from Fleck Systems. The product is metered making it easy to see just how much water has been processed since the last regeneration. Next to the display is a control panel that is easy to make the settings work just like they way you want. Because of its water softening technique, the product has been rated as being extremely effective to soften the hard water. It has a large capacity to help process more water in just one cycle.

ii. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener

This the best water softener you will ever need for a road trip. It is often seen as the best RV water softening systems. It is made of a strong material that keeps the tank in position and looking great even due to regular movement. With a high flow rate of 4 gallons per minute, many people cannot help but just fall in love with this product. It weighs 24 pounds, making it lighter and portable.

iii. Eddy Electric Water Descaler

Most people who have written water softener system reviews would agree that this product is the best alternative to conventional water softening techniques. The product uses magnetic fields to help combat the effects of using hard water. The product will change the orientation of electromagnet properties of the minerals making the water pipe to repel them. You should have no trouble with lime scale up when using this product.

iv. Aquasana EQ-SS20 SImplySoft Water Softener

Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener

Aquasana models are always inexpensive thus offering you a chance to soften your hard water at affordable prices. This model is salt free and uses PHOS technology to provide natural conditioning of the water. This will in turn help protect the plumbing fixtures from cases of corrosion. This has made the product to be ecofriendly and loved by many environmentalists.

v. WaterBoss 220 Water Softener

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener

For a large family that needs more soft water, consider using this model of WaterBoss water softener. It has an amazing capacity of 22,000-grain removal that works for everyone in a big family. Do not let its compact design fool you about its capabilities. You can place the unit in the tight spaces near the house water supply thus saving on space. The regeneration process takes only 18 minutes or less and the product is ready for the next cycle.

Additional 5 Best Models

On the Go OTG4 RV Water Softener

Aqua Clear Pro Combination Softener

APEC Top Tier Reverse Osmosis Water System

Aquios FS-234 Whole House Jumbo Water Softener

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST Salt Free Water Softener

Considerations When Buying the Best Water Softener


A warranty in most cases gives the user assurance that the product can last for a long time or not. Expect that most water softeners to have more than one-year product warranty. Most products with longer warranty periods have proven to last for a long time without needing repairs.

Electric or non-electric

Every manufacturer will come up with water softener systems using different methods for softening the hard water. You might have to do a water softener comparison to understand which is better between choosing an electric or non-electric water softener.


The capacity in this case means just how much water the water softener can process in a certain period. For those who need to use water regularly, choose a product with more water softening capacity. It means you will not have to wait for long periods before getting the next batch of soft water.

Method of water softening

Some methods might work for some people while others might not find them effective. Now that you know the different types of water softening methods, it is easy to settle for the water softener using your favorite method or specific place like shower head for example. Also you have to understand differences between softening and filtering to apply proper solution.

Approval by relevant authorities

With many water softeners available today, there is the need to have authorities regulating such products. It is always better if you end up having a product given the stamp of approval to be safe and efficient in what it does.


All the mentioned water softeners in this article can be used in different places where they are most suited. You may find that most of them have different techniques for water softening, so it all depends on the method that works for you. For those looking to deal with regular lime scale build up, consider choosing the water softener that eliminates hardness and mineral deposits too. If you are not sure, sometimes it is always better to involve the professionals such as plumbers to help you choose the right type of product for your case.

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