Bingo Gaming and Mobile Technology

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The advancements made thus far in the tech world have shone through heavily in the gaming niche. It is now easy to enjoy all kinds of gaming in fluid high definition games ranging from online casino games to bingo games and robust indie games. Paid games are also cheaper as they have better resources and OEMs no longer control their connection with the target audience.

It’s still well under a decade to when the first powerful smartphones hit the shelves (sorry those Blackberry devices or first iPhone don’t count). However, we are already enjoying exceptional quality computing on one hand. The big screens make games like bingo a treat.

How have the bingo sites been able to key into the mobile technology revolution?

Similarity to Bingo Houses

Bingo sites today, offer a fun themed environment akin to what is served up at the standard offline bingo hubs. This will be a popular trend in new bingo sites for 2017 and beyond. This has reduced the number of people leaving their comfort zones to go get a taste of their favourite games.

User Friendliness and Interaction

Bingo sites are now able to offer mobile games where the balls are called out by a computer. The computer can help you mark off your own numbers in some cases- if you don’t want to do it. Understanding the importance of socialisation to bingo, bingo companies now offer a chat box for interactions during a game session. Apart from interacting with other players, customer care arms of businesses use the chat rooms to get in touch with customers, offering them bonuses where possible.


With mobile apps that have been made robust by technology, the bingo companies are able to offer more variants of bingo games in one place. This means you don’t need to visit dedicated parlours to play a certain variant of bingo. Most mobile bingo sites have 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo options.

Higher Winnings

One of the main reasons why many companies have embraced online bingo is the fact that overheads and maintenance costs are not quite as high when compared to land-based bingo hubs. It is the same reason why more brick and mortar businesses are moving online. For bingo companies, the reduced costs mean that companies are able to offer higher winnings to customers. Some of the prize pots on many online bingo sites are almost impossible in land based bingo halls.

Higher winnings, more games, socialisation and generally pleasurable user experience are all reasons why more people are playing bingo games online than ever. However, none of these would have been achieved without the mobile technology revolution. Before now, gambling games were a UX nightmare that few people really took to. Today, they have become a given for many smartphones and tablets. Fans are happier than ever and are anxiously waiting for the next big thing in the industry. Experts believe it is going to be virtual bingo gaming. As the virtual reality technology catches on and as the technology itself becomes cheaper, we suspect that it won’t be long now before virtual bingo games become common.

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