Blog Monetization: 4 Common Mistakes Webmasters Make

By Blogtrepreneur

Running a blog on a side has been a hobby for some, therapy for others. With the worldwide web dominating all aspects of our lives, sharing your creative writing with others becomes easier by the day. And of course, in some cases, this side activity can be turned into a well-paying job.

As mainstream media lose their grip on the public, people seek alternative sources of information. For aspiring bloggers, this is a perfect opportunity to turn their side interest into a profitable business. But there are several pitfalls you may want to look out for when setting up a monetized blog. Let’s talk about those.

#1: Getting into Business

It goes without saying, but seriously, don’t neglect the financial side of things. And that doesn’t stop and just keeping an eye on your revenue. Seek different ways of advertisement, find the model that best suits you.

But before engaging in such an activity as blogging, take care of the most crucial part – the content. If you are good at writing, congratulations! But if you feel uncomfortable every time there is the need to compose anything, prepare plan B.

You still can become a great blogger, just find your best writer and ensure the continuous flow of engaging materials. You might not know where to start – here is the tip for you. Remember good old student years and type write my essay online into the search bar. This will bring you to a credible writing platform. Formulate your ideas and order some test material. Who knows, maybe you’ve just found your best writer!

Now that the content part is covered note that neglecting the technical nitty-gritty can very well be the downfall of your dream job. Do as much research as you can, read up on theory, think of the best way to approach your audience. Here are some of the most common ways to cash in on your blogging work. source:

  • Affiliate Marketing

That would be one of the least obnoxious ways of advertising. Knowing your audience well you can choose which products or services they would find useful. Pairing up with a company providing those items can land you with a pretty good arrangement. Besides, you will be getting a percentage of income from every deal the company strikes with your help.

  • Direct Audience Support

Provided you can maintain a good connection with your audience, consider running a model where you interested readers basically become your employers. Donations, subscriptions, that sort of stuff sets up a direct transaction between you and the audience. They pay you for writing, and you deliver great material – everyone wins.

  • Indirect Marketing

Selling places on your site for various advertisers is probably the most common way of monetizing. Provided you have some amount of attendance on your blog, you can always find someone willing to pay for an ad spot.

#2: Assessing the Risks

This one’s probably the most important step of all. When deciding to go for monetization, you have to understand the possible sacrifices you will have to make if you really want to monetize your blog.

You may have to censor some of the thoughts you would otherwise publish, insert some passage you may not have agreed with into your writing, maybe even avoid certain topics altogether.

It’s a chore trying to appease advertisers. Is the monetization worth it? Well, getting a couple of partnerships will give you a great start. But deciding to keep your private blog private is not a decision to be ashamed of either.

#3: Fear of Sales

You have to be prepared to push your audience with an out of nowhere sales pitch. And these sorts of inserts may get an aspiring writer anxious. Does it look natural? Does it feel sincere? What will my reader think? Just like with the previous step, at this point, you’ll have to accept it simply. The results will make up for this sacrifice.

Restructuring your text to work with the search engine algorithms comes much easier.

Losing a connection with your initial audience is pretty much a side-effect of going for a monetization reformat. But in broadening your selection of topics, playing with your writing style and cooperating with other online resources will help you acquire a much higher number of readers.

#4: Broadening Your Horizons

Let’s say the issues of rebranding into a more profit-oriented format don’t bother you that much. The next step might be obvious, but loosening up with the styles and topics of your choice will help you immensely. Jump out of your comfort zone like there’s no tomorrow. Play around with your style and format. The broader the net you casts, the bigger the audience you’re going to get.

Students could use some advice about the studying process; travelers would love to know some tips and tricks about your locale, foodies would appreciate some signature recipes. Think of it as not only expanding for the sake of business but also as an opportunity to find something new and exciting

Final Words

Researching, managing, and a lot of trial and error will eventually get you to wherever it is you want your blog to be. Persist through the bumps, and you can make your blog into a profitable ordeal.

However, keep in mind that just like with any job, you have to be sure that’s where you want to be. Otherwise, you’re going to burn out and take your project with you. So be brave, creative, and good luck!

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