Businesses You Can Start for Under $10,000

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Starting your own business and being your own boss is an appealing idea for many. If the entrepreneur bug has bitten you, you are must be itching to get started. But it’s also likely the cost of starting a business might hold you back. But you shouldn’t be afraid. No matter what your skills and your budget, there are plenty of business ideas you can get started with. Here are just some of the great businesses you can start for under $10,000.

Green Business Consultant

Are you environmentally conscious? Becoming a green business consultant is a great investment, especially as most businesses need to start making greener choices. If anything, this job has plenty of future market potential.

The aim of your business is to help clients (small or large businesses) make more environmentally friendly choices and to turn their business into a green business. You can help with regulatory compliance and provide options for green manufacturing and alternative energy uses. You can start marketing your services on business events and trade publications.

Personal Shopper

Are you in love with shopping? If so, then becoming a personal shopper is a good idea. Most professionals tend to be busy these days and shopping is often the last thing they want to spend time on. So, you can do it for them!

You don’t need any special skills – you just need an eye for a bargain and a great ability to find what the person is looking for. Start your website, target corporate executives or older people who might not have the means to go out and start shopping!

Image Consultant

If you got an eye for fashion and you know about etiquette and posture, you can use these skills as an image consultant. The job is all about helping people look and feel great. The job can range from pure wardrobe consulting to assisting people with appropriate communication.

The potential clientele can include business people, politicians and people looking for love. You can start marketing at hairdressers and beauty salons and even reach out to personal trainers and PR consultants.

Cake Baking and Decorating Business

People organising parties are always looking for personalised experiences. If you are good at baking and creating one-of-a-kind decorations, a cake baking and decorating business can be an easy way to start.

You can start from your own home and expand your business as your customer base grows. Start by targeting potential customers, such as wedding planners, food photographers and other event coordinators, before going after private clients. Provide samples to wow them over and don’t forget to use social media for tasty looking photos of your cakes!

Business Plan Provider

Perhaps you have a great attention to detail and you’re good at strategy. If you love helping other people and your strengths are in business planning, you could become a business advisor. More specifically, you can help entrepreneurs with the drafting of their business plans.

Find new businesses from networking events and leave your details to start-up incubators, for instance. The business plan service also benefits from not needing much to get started – all it takes is a laptop, inquisitive mind and access to business resources.

Furniture Repairs and Refinishing

Do you like DIY and fixing things? The business opportunities in the field are endless and one great option is to get into furniture repairs and refinishing. There’s plenty of potential in terms of private and corporate clients. You could even consider contacting charities.

You don’t necessarily need a big office or a large garage for the job, but you might need to spend money on getting a van to help move furniture around. Furthermore, you could consider taking people’s old furniture and selling it forward on sites like Craigslist and Ebay.

App Development Company

App development is a continuously growing industry and there are plenty of potential clients looking for professionals. You can specialise in specific types of apps and market your services for businesses or simply start publishing your own apps.

You don’t need an office for the business; you’ll just need some knowledge of coding and a good computer. There are plenty of resources online to get started, even if you’ve never designed an app before.


All of the above businesses can be a viable business idea, whether you want to start part-time or full-time. Most of them even work without a real office space, either by operating on your home or providing the services at the customers’ homes.

Technology also proves to be a great help in setting up and running a business. For starters, usage of IOT will allow build smarter products, make informed decisions and improve your business model. Frugaa just posted a great article on IOT and its development around the globe.

Starting a business doesn’t mean you need to have a fortune. So, pick an idea that matches your skill set and take control of your career and future!

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