Busting Financial Woes: 5 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business

By Maricor Bunal


Great business ideas need cash to turn them into a success and that’s a fact that some entrepreneurs fail to acknowledge. You may have the best ideas, but being financially unstable can be a big burden. According to Vic Lance’s article on Forbes.com, running out of cash is one of the top reasons start-ups fail.

A sufficient funding or cash loan is essential for operations, replenishing items that are out of stock, and marketing. So, how does one get the money? Here are five ways to ensure a cash loan for your start-up.

  1. Search for Investors

Most of the world’s most successful brands have investors who believe in their innovative ideas. Your goal is to get these investors interested enough to invest money to grow your business. To ensure this, the first step is to draw up your business plan. Make sure that your goals are brief but comprehensive. The timeline to achieve these goals should be realistic as well. Think as an investor would think. Show them that their money is in good hands and that your products are highly profitable and beneficial to your customers. You wouldn’t want to put your money where you’re not sure of the outcome, would you?

  1. Require a Deposit

One of the easiest ways to ensure delivery of your products and services is to ask deposits from your clients. If you are a baker and commissioned to bake a wedding cake, it’s important to require at least half the price of the cake from the bride and groom. The rest will be paid on or before the wedding day. These days, it’s common practice to ask for initial payment especially if your business involves customization.

  1. Sell What You Can

Got a property that’s becoming a burden or you don’t have any need for? Maybe you have valuable items at home that can fetch a worthy amount. You can easily put these up for sale on auction sites or ask real estate brokers to help sell your property for faster transactions. What might be junk to you is treasure to someone else, so don’t hesitate to get rid of these “junk” and turn them into cash to add to your start-up capital.

  1. Do an Exchange Deal

Another cost-effective way to get funds for your business is by trading your services with another company. Most start-ups are willing to lend a hand. Come up with a great deal for both companies. You can also approach an advertising company and offer your services or products in exchange for their marketing services.

  1. Secure a Cash Loan

You can seek financial assistance from private lending companies to banks who offer small business loans. Most of these organizations offer cash loan that will greatly help in paying for your overhead costs or acquiring new items. Of course, it’s essential that you are paired with a provider who can get you the cash loan you need at payment terms you can easily cope with. When applying for a loan, keep your operating and living expenses in mind, especially if you don’t have any other sources except for your start-up.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the effective ways to raise funds for your new venture. You can surely come up with more innovative ways to achieve your financial goal. The important thing is to come up with a solid plan that can help you overcome any financial crisis during the first five years.

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