Content Creation Considerations: From Writers To Resources

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When your blog is your business, you need to think about content in terms of scale – there’s only so much you can do on your own. In order to keep the content flowing, then, you’ll need to build up and out by recruiting writers and developing a team of collaborators and contacts. Luckily, with the right tools, you can make the whole process run smoothly.

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Be Your Brand

The best way to start building out your brand team is by being forward about what you do and the story your site tells. That’s why the best content marketers can be described as approachable risk-takers. Both as a person and as a brand, you should be crafting campaigns that are relatable and creative. You need to be doing something new, but also something that will attract interested individuals, both as customers and potential team members.

The more deeply future team members connect to your brand’s message, the better their contributions to your brand will be. When startups talk about ethos, this is what they mean. You may never work in the same place as your content writers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a company culture.

Break It All Down

When it comes to multi-person teams, deadlines and scheduling can start to get tricky. With that in mind, keep everyone organized by developing a shared content plan. You can do this by using Google Docs; everyone will have access to upcoming deadlines and know what topics other team members are working on. Then, they can create appropriate connections and avoid duplicate content.

You might also choose to schedule your team more traditionally using a program like Humanity, blocking writers into specific time slots or days. One benefit of a program like Humanity is that, like shared Google Docs, it allows for collaborative management. Though many freelance writers work on a more flexible basis, you can choose to run a tight ship and have team members complete work within a specific time slot to be certain they meet deadlines.

Build A Bigger Network

Producing more content doesn’t mean just hiring more writers; a professional blog demands a complex network of individuals with unique skills.

You might, for example, choose to hire a social media manager to handle those accounts based on the work your content writers are doing. Similarly, over time, you may hire out for administrative tasks and communications like creating a newsletter. These are roles for further down the road when your team and site have grown beyond what you can manage as an individual, but they’re things you should keep in mind.

The real key to hiring and expanding your team is to know what skills your team is missing and looking for people to fill those specific niches. Your writers may not be equipped to edit and your web designer may not be an expert at site optimization. Within the matrix of marketing team roles, these divisions prove to be vital in connecting with customers and building out your site, no matter if you’re a small, independent company or a large network.

Finally, build a network of guest blogs and bloggers – places you can write and people who might want to write for you – to further develop your site’s content. Guest blogging also builds backlinks, which are important for increasing your site’s ranking, and they let you connect with others in related fields whose content you already trust. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Scaling up your website’s content is about more than just writers. It’s about quality, tone, and collaboration. If you can bring together a group that understands your brand and can take it to the next level, you’ll be rolling out meaningful content – and onboarding new readers – at an unprecedented rate.

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