Contentmart – How They Zoomed To 20,000 Satisfied Customers

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The one common strand that beautifully binds the virtual world is content. Otherwise, how would you build a connection with a large number of people without a voice as the source? In such conditions, content becomes the only and the most effective way of communication.

If you are an entrepreneur or a service provider, digital and social media marketing are an absolute must for your business in today’s time. And with the evolution of technology and growth in the marketing world, content has come up as the most effective way to attract new customers, informing the user and pursuing them to take an action. With most businesses falling short on their competency for professional content writing, having a service provider to offer you high-quality content has become a must.

While you could turn to a number of providers for the above, there are few as reliable, well-engineered and professional content marketplaces as Contentmart.

What is Contentmart?

In the large pool of freelance writing and content service providers, one such name that stands out is Contentmart. With thousands of clients and professional freelance writers in its basket, this one of a kind marketplace, serves as a platform for content buyers and content creators to come together from all around the world and connect to benefit from each other. Meeting diverse writing needs that range from content creation, proofreading, web copywriting, blog creation, technical and academic writing and the likes, Contentmart is a simple and transparent stage. Further, it is a trusted medium for freelance writers and editors or aspiring writers. Unlike other freelancing networks, Contentmart focuses only on content. Thus, it promises to be a dedicated place for talented wordsmiths and content buyers.

What Contentmart Offers

This digital content marketplace, mainly caters to content buyers (clients) and content creators (freelance writers). One being the Writers and the other includes startups, businesses, corporates and many more, who are in need of expert and qualitative content. For the former, the platform offers a plethora of interesting writing avenues. Often, freelancers get tired of dealing with the same kind of work. Repetitive assignments that fail to challenge their creativity and further drives down their enthusiasm, thus impacting the quality of their final work.

As Contentmart pulls in a clientele from varied domains, each of them come up with unique requirements and a multitude of stimulating work. Further, the platform offers flexibility that allows the writer to choose the kind of work they would like to do, thus helping them build a rich portfolio at their convenience.

For the latter (the clients), i.e. those who are in search of qualitative content, the platform leverages them to pay-per-requirement. Further, with inbuilt mechanisms such as Copyscape, grammar checkers, etc., the platform auto-checks the quality and originality of the delivered content, thus ensuring a plagiarism free work at a price of the client’s choice. Additionally, it also allows clients to fix deadlines and interact with writers over live chat, for inputs and edits as and when required.

How Contentmart Works

Contentmart has a rather simple working mechanism in place, unlike other freelancing platforms. If you are looking at posting your requirement on the platform, you could get kick-started by filling up a few simple fields. To begin with, you would need to pick a title for your order, followed by a detailed description of the work you are looking out for. Thereafter, you would need to fill up a few mandatory fields such as the date by when you would like to have the work completed, the amount you are willing to offer for the assignment and the word count you are aiming at for the specific order.


Once done, you can simply post your requirement on the page, which is then visible to all (or specifically chosen writers) on the platform. Typically, within minutes you can start seeing the writers bid (show interest) coming up to take up the order. You can then analyze their bids, go through their profiles and pick for a preferred writer of your choice! The submitted content can be re-assigned in case of further edits or can also be rejected in extreme cases. Further, to simplify the payment process, the client has an inbuilt wallet, which they can recharge or fill with the desired amount. As Contentmart manages payments for their clients, it directly gets transferred to the successful writer’s wallet over the platform. Isn’t it hassle free?

Similarly, if you’re a writer on Contentmart, you can start-off by creating a personalized profile that acts as your introduction. Thereafter, you can browse through the list of open orders (that also displays details such as the word count, deadline and price), and start bidding or expressing your interest for the orders that suit your expertise. The platform also allows you to bid at a differing rate than offered by the client and also offer a deadline as per your feasibility. If you are picked by the client, you will instantly be notified of the same via email, thus enabling you to start working on the assignment at the earliest. Further, if the client fails to accept or review your work for a period of five days after submission, you can still be assured of the payment as Contentmart self- remunerates writers in such cases.

Why Is Contentmart A Preferred Choice For Content Buyers And Content Creators?

As mentioned earlier, the prime benefit of Contentmart is that its primary focus is on Content. Since the platform is completely dedicated to, content, it has grown into a quick and effective medium for connecting content creators and content buyers. Further, the platform allows its clientele to choose the most suitable writer from its growing pool of 50,000+ writers. Similarly, writers are also allowed to choose the work of their liking by picking from a plethora of orders at desirable rates. Features such as automated payments (in case clients do not review the work), hundred percent refunds (in case of unsatisfactory work) and a dedicated support team (ready to assist 24*7), further makesContentmart a delightful platform for all!

By being client focused and writer-friendly at the same time, Contentmart has succeeded in building a dedicated workforce and happy clientele for itself. While many other marketplaces are in existence, but there are few who do the job brilliantly as Contentmart. As evident from its growing network and exceptionally positive ratings, it is steadily growing into a popular leader in its domain!

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