Cyrus Baseghi Shares How to Write a Sponsored Post That Drives Sales

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Market competition coupled with overwhelming product options is causing many consumers to shun traditional product advertisements. Consumers are turning to extreme measures such as Ad-blockers and timed, media blackout to filter the Ads. These measures are making it difficult for companies to sell products and stay updated with the advances in the digital space. One of the strategies that have been adopted by advertisers to capture the market is using influencers.

According to BigCommerce, a staggering 33% of millennials turn to blog reviews when making purchase decisions compared to 1% who trust advertisements. Statistics also show 40% of people who purchase products online do so after watching an influencer on social media. The influencers often use an honest and authentic voice to win over the consumer’s hearts and minds. An influencer can support the marketing efforts to drive sales through:

  • Content creation
  • Product endorsement
  • Brand awareness campaigns

Sponsored Content

Influencer marketing is a popular type of sponsored content designed to bring the company and its offerings to the audience’s attention. The strategy works by leveraging the influencer’s reach with a brand reputation. Under the sponsored content marketing arrangement, a sponsor will pay a publisher to create and distribute premium content. According to the ActiveCampaign marketing website, here are the top reasons for choosing sponsored marketing:

  • Sponsored content has a way of transforming the brand into a credible and trusted entity
  • Unlike the interruptive paid media, sponsored content makes it easy for brands to pay for exposure without altering the audience’s preferences.
  • Sponsored content benefits all the parties in the contract, i.e. the content creator receives payment for the content and the product advertiser gets the much-needed audience.
  • Sponsored content places emphasize on user experience rather than consumer disruption
  • The strategy can be executed using different types of media (videos, article, photos, listicle, infographics, sponsored tweets, Instagram TV, Carousel Ads, and Snapchat and Facebook stories, etc.)

How to write sponsored content to drive sales

The exposure derived from sponsored content can drive brand awareness, trust, traffic, leads and ultimately increase conversions and customers. For content creators and publishers involved in the promotions, writing content that drives sales to require serious research. According to a popular lifestyle website Giveaways4Mom, the following tips can be used by content creators to drive sales:

1. Check if the company marketing strategy aligns with your efforts and reputation

Trust is an important component to consider when posting content online. Companies and content creators who place out of sync sponsored content run the risk of losing customer loyalty. For content creators, this can easily happen when one tries to push a product that doesn’t fit their own lifestyle. Besides turning off readers, sending a wrong signal will deny you monetary gain and affect future business engagements with the sponsoring parties.

Before telling the audience about the product you are marketing, it helps to use the product in order to develop trust. If the product doesn’t fit into your scheme of work, simply turn it down even if this means bypassing the rewards. A company that has been declined will appreciate your honesty and even reward you in the future should something more cogent come through.

2. Read the analytics to ensure your audience receives the right content

Due to growing market competition and consumer awareness, marketing efforts and analytics now go hand in hand in advancing marketing ideals. Before going into the detailed metrics, you need to gauge if a sponsored product will be receptive to your audience. This assessment is important because what you consider captivating may not necessarily receive the same rate of approval from your readers. Customer Success Software can help you track and measure customer interactions with an e-product.

The same strategy applies when undertaking a physical product promotion. Using the intelligence reports and feedback, you can take quick steps to rebrand the product featured on your site. Aside from the hugely popular Google Analytics, several tools have been devised to help companies and content writers evaluate the market response and drive sales. A savvy entrepreneur can use analytics to strategically market products to a given target audience during the holidays and special events.

3. Write content that your audience can relate to

If you want the audience to buy what you are promoting, find something they can relate with then use your voice and personality to your advantage. Voice and personality are important as these are the things that draw readers to your site or blog. Always remember to tell the story about the product from a personal perspective or that of your audience. The experiences can be relayed using photos and videos to encourage feedback. Once the post is made, it is crucial to follow up on the progress a few months later to give the readers new insights and updates.

Working with Sponsored Content is Easy with an Expert at Hand!

Market research and analysis that is based on up-to-date data and market intelligence is crucial in meeting the needs of the ever-inquisitive customer. The success of market analysis, the same as content writing requires accurate information gathering and reporting. Cyrus Baseghi is a sales lead-based in Oakland, California. He works for OSSI and assorted products and service company that deals with everything from mobile app design and development to system programming. His day to day engagements involves working with business owners, marketers and executives with the aim of developing solutions to everyday problems. To connect with Cyrus Baseghi, visit his website’s webform and submit your name, email address, and message.

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