Do You Really Need To Blog Everyday To Get Results?

By Jon Allo

If you want to get your blog noticed by Google and the other search engines, do you really have to blog everyday? When I started my first blog a few years back I remember reading somewhere that if you wanted to get your blog ranked on the search engines, you only had to write and publish a blog once per week.

For whatever reason, the once-a-week schedule for writing new content to your blog was considered ideal. It would keep Google happy, and I would receive a lot of traffic.

Keeping The Search Engines Happy

So I figured that if I published once a week, 52 pieces of new content on my blog each year would keep the search engines happy, and I would be rewarded with lots of traffic. But it didn’t quite work out that way.

I soon learned that Google does reward and send traffic to blogs that regularly provide fresh and up to date content. “Yikes”, I thought, “That means more than once a week – I’m going to have to blog everyday! I won’t have time for anything else”.

Quality Over Quantity

However, Big G wants quality over quantity. If you need proof, take a look at successful and well-known bloggers Neil Patel and Pat Flynn.

They both began blogging by posting regularly. They would send out posts of 400 to 600 words a couple of times each week. And they were reasonably successful. But then they began publishing blog posts of 1,500 to 2,000 or more words on an less regular basis and things really took off for them. They now each have very successful and profitable blogs in their niche.

Delivering Value

So does that mean that you don’t have to blog everyday? You can blog pretty much whenever you want just so long as your post has lots of words. No, not at all.

Successful bloggers like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn spend a lot of time producing a blog post. They may only post a few times a month but each post delivers so much quality content that their readers don’t need to go anywhere else for information about that particular blog post’s subject matter.

What’s The Secret For Blog Post Frequency?

There isn’t a secret formula for blog frequency. You don’t have to blog everyday. But you do need to publish quality content. One outstanding value-packed post published every month does much more for your business and your reputation than 4 or 5 weekly blog posts that are just full of fluff and filler.

Don’t stress out if you can’t blog everyday or get too concerned how often other bloggers are publishing content. Creating additional stress over something you have no control over is not going to help your business. Do keep an eye on your competitors, but remember that they may have more financial capital to spend on freelancers or out-sourced writers than you do. You can’t fight a budget that is bigger than yours. Always publish the best quality content you can, do what you can do, and do it consistently.

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