EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on Formatted Storage Media

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Formatting is a process of preparing your storage media for your operating system. When a media is formatted, file systems are created and sector markers are assigned at different areas of your storage media. However, you lose access to all files if you reformat the hard drive. The most common problem is that you re-format a partition accidentally and you lose all data. This can be very unfortunate, especially if you have a large amount of data on your device. Fortunately, it is easy to retrieve lost files in a reformatted partition or storage media with the right software. Software that can also be use on external hard drive.

Just like with other data recovery situations, you need to deal with this problem very quickly. Although files are not yet lost in your partition, their assigned space can be immediately taken. So, if you transfer a large file into the recently reformatted partition, some lost files will be overwritten and it’s not possible to retrieve them back, even if you delete the newly transferred file. Hard drive reformat just removes data entries and file systems are recreated. So, you need to stop using the accidentally reformatted partition or storage media to ensure a successful recovery. You need to understand the risks and follow instructions properly. If you have just re-formatted a partition unintentionally, the best thing to do is to shut down the computer immediately. This stops the write operation on the partition.

This should give you a chance to calm down and think about the best method to choose. If you have another computer at home or workplace, it is advisable to remove the re-formatted hard drive. You can use a different computer to perform the recovery process. If your entire hard drive or SSD is re-formatted accidentally, you can’t just re-install the operating system, because you will lose a lot of files permanently due to over-writing. Another crucial component is reliable data recovery software. With a reliable tool, you can re-establish the original state of your storage media in no time. Install the software on a different computer and you should connect the re-formatted hard drive. Under any situation, you should avoid manually accessing the affected hard drive to prevent data loss.

EaseUS Data Recovery software comes with a wizard feature that makes it very easy to restore a storage media that you accidentally re-formatted. With just a few clicks of the buttons, you can recover re-formatted hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB flash drive and other storage devices. Whether you re-formatted the drive intentionally or accidentally, it will be very easy to recover.

This means panic averted and you can pick up where you left off with hopefully all your data intact. The EaseUS software works perfectly and in 3 easy steps you can recovery pretty much all of your data. You select the location, scan your computer and then you preview/recover the lost files.

The EaseUS software retails at $69.95 for the Pro version which is more than enough for an average user. There is a free version available for you to try before committing.

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