Eric Dalius Explains How to Use Social Media Marketing Properly

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In 2019, companies that have not incorporated the power of social media into their business model are falling behind. The reason why is the fact that they are foregoing tons of cheap marketing and an easy way to engage with customers. Of course, there are many examples where even something as simple as social media landed people in trouble.

Just consider, for instance, Pepsi’s scandalous marketing campaign that was aimed against a soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Thus, it is important to recognize that there are still a ton of unwritten rules when it comes to online media platforms.

Be Relatable

According to entrepreneur and marketing professional Eric Dalius, the most important factor of a successful social media strategy revolves around relatability. Although it is self-explanatory, it means that the company will appeal to their potential customers in a manner that is engaging, empathetic, and approachable.

That way, they will find it much easier to retain their attention. More importantly, connecting with the customer is the first step towards transacting with them. In translation, if the buyer thinks that the brand is speaking to them, they are much more likely to purchase something.

Post Frequently

Social media that lacks frequent posts is quite futile. After all, followers like to see constant updates and stories about the brand. If the company, on the other hand, has a seasonal team that seldom engages with people, they will lose a large chunk of their following. So, why is this a problem?

Well, the main reason why social media is successful boils down to the cheap targeting and following through with engagement. When a brand has a million followers on Instagram, they can publish their latest products in a photo and the majority of their active followers will see it. If they never make those posts, however, such a large following becomes useless and they will eventually lose it.

Innovation and Humor

Although frequency is important, it is only one of the many factors that will determine success. Another extremely significant factor for success is the innovation and humor that is incorporated into posts. Thus, the most efficient advertisements will be the ones where quantity meets an appropriate level of quality.

Companies like Wendy’s and Oreo have already established themselves as some of the most engaging businesses when it comes to social media humor. Consequently, their innovative and forward-thinking posts have gained them thousands of followers and a lot of free publicity.

Versatile Accounts

As Eric Dalius further reminds, there is no single social media platform that is superior to others when it comes to brand awareness. That means that businesses should not rely on just Facebook, per se, and ignore every other provider. Doing so will limit their exposure to potential customers that they could be gaining from networks like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and so on.

Hence why almost all larger ventures have to hire management teams that will take care of their social media presence. After all, frequently creating high-quality posts on all of these websites is definitely a full-time job.

Video Marketing

It is a known fact that videos are the easiest way to facilitate high engagement levels and conversion rates. The science behind it has a lot to do with proper combinations of both visual and auditory senses. What does this translate to with companies who are present online?

Well, it gives them a reason to dedicate more resources to maintaining fruitful social media accounts that frequently post videos. Although it may seem simple, they will have to spend many hours filming and editing the content as it should be completely original. After all, posting someone else’s videos is a one-way ticket to copyright claims and liability issues.

Staying On-Brand

The final advice about having a great social media presence through online marketing is to stay on-brand. Consider Nike, for instance, as one of the most successful sporting brands on the planet. Their motto is to “Just Do It” and they frequently enforce it on their clothing. Similarly, their social media accounts are all about fitness, weight management, physical activity, sports, and so on.

In translation, they have found a niche within their large industry and are pursuing it through consistent social media marketing. Just glance over one of Nike’s online accounts and look for some of the aforementioned factors. Odds are, relatability, innovation, videos, and all others will be present!

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