Examples of Great Ecommerce Website Designs

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There are many things to consider when building your ecommerce store. From overarching concerns like your brand’s name, to details such as font size, every decision you make will impact the final result. People will of course notice the physical layout and aesthetic of your site. But this isn’t the only thing that goes into design. Hidden elements can have an impact on SEO and load time, which are both critical to the success of your brand. It can be useful to learn from others when you’re putting together on online shop. These examples of great ecommerce website designs are particularly inspiring.

Pencil by 53

Remember when the stylus was the hot new thing? While it’s not for everyone, there are now some highly useful stylus products on the market. The Pencil by 53 has a fantastic, intuitive website layout. Right at the top, you are presented with a large image of the product. Visual websites are great because they can generate excitement for a product. However, it’s important to note that appearances shouldn’t trump usefulness. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your site looks great if it’s not intuitive. One of the most effective elements on this homepage is the “Buy at Amazon.com” button. This prompt gets consumers to the product line quickly.

Best Made

Part of a great website design is ensuring the branding is consistent throughout the experience. This is exactly what is accomplished by the Best Made online store. It’s important to determine and stick to a specific branding style. It won’t look good if you keep switching between different appearances. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Font types and sizes. Don’t use too many, and make them consistent.
  • Photos should be stylized and edited in a similar fashion.
  • Colors need to be in agreement.

Uppercase Magazine

Some of the most effective design elements on an ecommerce website are often the simplest. Keep this in mind when you are trying to design a logo. People often go overboard in their branding efforts. This can lead to some unfortunate logos that should never have been made. The most iconic, memorable logos are streamlined and digestible, like the one for Uppercase Magazine. You can always use a free logo maker if you need help with this element of your design.


Often, online retailers fall to the impulse of giving too much information right away. Long, rambling homepages lead to people scrolling, getting distracted, and moving on to something else. This can be combated by limiting the amount users are allowed to scroll on the homepage. Leif does a great job of this. Its homepage is concise and prompts shoppers to go to one of the site’s subcategories.


You can’t overestimate the importance of solid photography when putting together your ecommerce store. It will be difficult to sell your products if people aren’t visually attracted to them. Consider the benefits of professional photography for selling more of your items. Greats shows how well-composed images can totally elevate a website. This online store also does a lot to facilitate up-sells. Unobtrusive pop-ups offer shoppers store discounts. Plus, they advertise free shipping over a certain price threshold. Adding these elements to the design of your ecommerce store can be hugely beneficial to boosting conversions.

Not everyone is born with an eye for design. But that doesn’t mean you can forget about it when building your online store. Take some cues from these examples of great ecommerce website designs before you start building your own.

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