Excel With Link Building: An SEO Strategy For Small Businesses

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Ask SEO experts about link building and you’re bound to get some mixed messages. Some swear by “no follow” links, while others insist on them; some emphasize link building campaigns, and others target a more natural spread of content. So what’s the real answer? Simply put, for small businesses with a limited marketing budget, link building may be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Google regularly updates their ranking algorithms, and one strategy that can drag your site down is building too many links without focusing on quality. That’s why you should never buy links just to get your name out. Purchased links tend to stick out like a sore thumb and they don’t boost your brand. In fact, Google sometimes refers to this practice as running a black hat campaign and your site will be punished for it.

Instead of buying links, reserve your energy (and) funds for networking with high quality sites to earn natural exposure there. Alternatively, you can also work with an SEO company to improve your white hat link building strategy. Companies like HigherVisibility focus on industry citations, earned links, and quality content that will give your company an edge. The big difference is that unlike black hat link campaigns, these quality connections will boost your ranking for Google-ready results.

Crafting The Content

Link building campaigns aren’t just about making connections, they’re also about developing the best possible underlying content. That’s because, in recent years, Google realized companies were slapping together low quality pages and employing keyword stuffing just to increase their visibility. Today, keyword stuffing is out and quality and concision are trending. Luckily, you can create high quality content in house, even on the most limited budget. After all, you know your company and services better than anyone.

When developing quality content, one way to frame your work is as a form of thought leadership. This model takes advantage of your talents and helps you stand out in a crowded market, and can boost both your brand and your personal career by marking your site as a high authority domain. It also gives you an opportunity to network with other big names by interviewing business leaders for your site, speaking at conferences with them, and more. As you interact with other thought leaders, you status and brand recognition will rise in concert.

Part of the reason thought leadership and interacting with major brands is so important is that Google’s algorithm is biased towards big names. That means sometimes quality can in fact be outranked by quantity and there’s nothing you can do about it, unless you can get your name out there. It’s why Amazon is always the first product link and Barnes & Noble will outrank any book blog, no matter how in-depth the content.

Link building isn’t going anywhere, but today it needs to be done with greater care and higher quality content. For small businesses, link building is like a secret weapon; unlike so much in the SEO world, it doesn’t depend on having deep pockets or an enormous network. It’s just a matter of creating the best, most insightful content and making yourself a resource to your professional community. Link building is a level playing field, and you just need to get out there and give it your all.

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