Excellent career opportunities with a part-time MBA

By Rylie Holt

Professionals looking to work in managerial roles have to ensure that they have the right education and expertise for the job. This makes an MBA degree a popular choice for those seeking growth and consistency in their work. With diverse specialisation and a rich curriculum, this course helps in the overall development of an individual and provides them with sector-specific skill set.

Despite the benefits of an MBA, not many can pursue it because they find devoting two years to a degree to be a tedious task. This means, putting your job on hold and also side-lining all your personal commitments.

Though, part-time MBA takes care of this issue as it allows you to study as per the personal schedule and is not as taxing as a full-time degree. It also helps you strike a suitable balance between personal and professional life. What’s even better is that you can apply learnings from this course directly to your work which can put you in a better place for promotion and further career progression.

If you are a resident of Ireland or planning to travel there for work or further studies, then doing a part-time MBA can be a brilliant option. The country enjoys a stable economy and has seen tremendous growth in job opportunities in the past few years. Add to that, the scenic beauty, amiable natives and affordable cost of living give you plenty of reasons to do a part-time MBA in Ireland.

Let’s take a look at top career opportunities that can come your way if you earn a part-time MBA degree:

1. Project manager

The role of a project manager is central to an organisation as they are the one who develop, outline and supervise a project. Right from on-set to the very end, they are responsible for taking care of all facets of the task and ensuring its success. A project manager is also an effective team leader that addresses concerns of the fellow team members, troubleshoot problems, manages the budget and also ensure the correct allocation of resources. They also prepare a report to summarise the project details and help the company move closer to its set goals.

2. HR Manager

The HR Manager also has a very important role to play in the company as they establish a recruiting and training program to bring in new employees and make them capable of performing their duties. They also work with the management to implement strategies and policies which will benefit everyone in the organisation. An HR Manager also conducts orientation and job evaluation along with monitoring and ensuring the appraisal of employees.

3. Marketing analyst

The job of a marketing analyst is to study market conditions to understand how well a product or service can do. By using qualitative data and trends, they are able to assess potential sale and determine what customers need presently. This helps the company to make informed business decisions and create products designed specifically to meet customer needs.

These are some of the exciting and well-paying job roles that you can take up after your MBA. Though, it’s important to have the necessary expertise and flair for the sector and the profile.

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