Five Beginner Golf Tips To Consider

By Susmoko

maintain golf stance position

Being a golfer does not mean grabbing a few golf clubs and hitting the ball and far as possible. If it were that easy, there would be countless golfers dominating when it comes to the sport. It does not work this way because those who understand the intricacies of golf do better than those who don’t. So, what is the best way to become a better golfer who can dominate on the golf course? Let’s take a look at the five tips to consider for those who are beginning their journey to greatness out on the green.

Top 5 Golf Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1) Stance Comes First

You want to assess how you are standing before teeing off. The stance is the foundation of your golf swing and has to be perfect. You can’t swing by having your feet close apart as there will be minimal leverage behind the ball. This results in a weakened drive that is not going to do much for you.

What is the perfect stance you may ask? Look to place your feet just outside shoulder’s width and firmly have them planted. You don’t want to be on your toes or heels because this will reduce your balance. Work on this stance as much as you can because without it, your range will diminish.

2) Movement Comes From The Lower Half

movement golf lower body

You will often see beginners starting to swing their whole body forward while winding up. This is incorrect because control goes out the window when you swing in this manner. You want to focus purposely on driving all of your weight through the hips and legs.

The upper body and head should remain still. They will move as you power through the swing, but it should be a natural movement rather than aiming to drive your head through the ball. It is all about the hips when you are swinging.

3) Aim Straight At The Hole

target golf hole

With beginner golf tips, you want to look at the hole. You are aiming for the hole. You are not pointing right or left as some might do. You are starting off and looking to improve your game, so judging angles is going to lead to bad habits developing.

You need to have a seasoned swing to start aiming off-center. Look to aim straight towards the hole and drive your hips towards that target. It will make the process easier for you in general.

4) Two Practice Swings Only

Studies have been done on this, and extra practice swings are not helpful. You might think it is great to stand there and just keep practicing your swings, but it is only harming you and here is why. You are going to lose focus. Your body adjusts to the practice swings, and that’s the not the real thing. You need to take two practice swings and then go for it. This is also good for the mind because you are teaching it to limit itself. You are letting it know, there are only two practice swings, so it better be ready to swing hard on the third go.

With beginner golf tips, you want to look into this as soon as you can. There are too many golfers who think it is fine just to stand there for 2-3 minutes practicing, and that is not true at all. First of all, it is bad etiquette as the rest of the golfers won’t appreciate it, but your game won’t improve either. Limit yourself and watch how your game rockets upwards. This might be one of the best golf tips you will get when it comes to the game. When it comes to golf tips driving the ball, this might be the one that you need most.

5) Prepare Your Mind

This is not one of those beginner golf tips you are going to think about, but you have to. Too many golfers get rattled before they even get a chance to hit the ball. They start overthinking everything, and that in the end costs them. You are still playing a sport, and you have to be prepared. You have to know certain things are going to go wrong, but the fundamentals have to stay the same. Prepare your mind for the shots and then go ahead and get the job done.

You can try all of the best golf tips and tricks, but if you are not thinking about being positive, you are dead in the water before even starting. From all of the free golf tips you could ever get, this is the one you want to listen to. Just relax and focus on the ball for that particular shot. Prepare the mind to handle this shot and you will improve.

Find Other Free Golf Tips Everyday

Use these golf tips and tricks to improve your game as soon as possible. Everyone is a beginner at some point; you just have to take the right steps on this journey to become better. It can be the right time for you to look for some other golf tips that you can use in your golf activity. You can also bring your favorite rangefinder for supporting your practice session. It is also a great idea for you to read some golf books or watch golf course videos on the Internet, so you can improve your skills and knowledge significantly.

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