Five Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing Efforts

By Blogtrepreneur

Most companies start out with a very small team, so responsibilities are shared across the board. This becomes a burden when the enterprise reaches a certain stage, necessitating greater specialization and collaboration with outside specialists. Marketing is among the activities that are often handled by an external firm, in part because it demands highly specific skills that are not easily acquired. Recognizing the right moment when to outsource your marketing duties to a creative agency or b2b marketing consultant is very important, and this checklist of indicators can make it easier.

  1. The number of new clients is stagnating

To survive in the market, you have to attract new clients consistently every month, so any sustained drought of good leads should raise an immediate alarm. It is possible that you have reached the limit of in-house marketing knowledge and that you need professional assistance to continue meeting the projected sales figures. If the demand doesn’t increase quickly, you should definitely talk to a few b2b marketing consultants about possible solutions.

  1. Marketing team is late with assignments

Small marketing teams can be efficient for as long as the volume of work is manageable, but they often struggle to keep up with the pace of growth of the mother company. If they become overwhelmed with increasingly complex tasks, it might be more economical to hire an independent subcontractor than to double the size of the team. In fact, delays may be more costly than consultant fees, since they slow down vital revenue streams and disrupt timing of new product releases.

  1. You are considering a multi-channel campaign

Advanced marketing strategies are simply too demanding to be executed with in-house resources only. Campaigns that include both online and offline channels of communication require careful coordination, as well as a large number of promotional materials. When it becomes clear your company has outgrown the basic promotional toolbox, you shouldn’t shy away from contact with a marketing partner that has the know-how needed for a more ambitious approach.

  1. Company is expanding into a new market

Opening a new branch in a previously untested market is a justified cause to seek external assistance. Your original marketing blueprint might not be as effective in a different location due to a range of factors that only local experts can fully understand. Ideally, you should find a marketing partner that holds a trove of information about the habits of local customers and has already worked on a similar campaign in the past.

  1. New business model is being introduced

Every few years, top management decides on a new direction for the company. In some cases, changes could be significant enough to warrant a full makeover of marketing activities to support new business objectives. Internal marketing teams are poorly suited for this kind of endeavor, as they had been trained according to the old model. Fresh input from a qualified b2b marketing consultant might be necessary to escape the trap of familiarity and approach things from another angle.

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