Fleck Water Softener Reviews

By Gen Mik

Fleck water softener

Water Softener Systems are popular in commercial and residential buildings and houses. Municipal supplied water is definitely clean and drinkable. But it still may contain excessive amounts of certain chemical elements like magnesium and calcium. This affects the wellness of the household and normal functioning of water using appliances and plumbing. As one of the millions home-owners I also started noticing some residue on the dishes after wash. Another time my wife may complain about the dryness of her skin. Sometimes I find clogged pipe due to the thick layer of large-scale inside it.

All these and few other problems are resolved by special water treatment called water softening. Several companies design and produce Water Softeners. These devices soften water by either using salt or using electro-magnetic waves. One of these companies is Fleck Systems, US based company, producer of popular models of Fleck Water Softeners. Let’s look through Fleck Water Softener Reviews to compare their technical characteristics and features.

1. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener digitial sxt metered whole house system

This model is the most popular product of the company for residential properties. It is designed and constructed to efficiently eliminate hard water in the house. Fleck 5600 SXT has sufficient capacity to serve in the small and middle size houses. It provides complete whole house water softening solution. This model softens water using salt based softening process by passing water through the high efficiency resin. Over the time resin is covered with magnesium and calcium that was removed from the water slowing down the softening process. But this model has a dynamic regeneration need detection.

Regeneration is the process to recover resin bed to its original capacity. In this model it is 1.5 cube ft. high efficiency resin. Model has meter based regeneration. Therefore water usage regulates needs for regenerations as comparative to timer. This model uses very reliable 5600 valve with 5 years of warranty. The company tested this valve for long time and found the ideal combination design and materials. In its turn SXT controller gives comfort and convenience to monitor and setup device. It has backlit LCD display with touch pad on the control panel. The control has 48 hours backup internal power supply.

Fleck 5600SXT 48000 grain water softener digitial sxt metered whole house system LCD

The tank itself is very durable, made of Polyglass for which company gives 10 years of warranty. Brine tank is designed to contain large amount of pelleted salt to decrease the number of refills. It is designed also to prevent a common water accident like overfilling. It uses special overflow drain to additionally avoid water messes. Installation is so simple that the regular person with basic technical skill can install this model within 1-2 hours. Altogether it is very reliable, well designed model, which gives you long efficient water treatment solution without frequent intervention or maintenance.

2. Fleck 7000SXT Water softener 110,000 grain capacity with 7000 SXT metered valve

Fleck 7000SXT Water softener 110000 grain capacity with 7000 SXT metered valve

This is another five star product of the company designed for bigger houses. It has 3.5 cubic ft high efficiency resin. This model provides a complete water softening solution and very effectively removes hard water elements. It makes water usage experience much more pleasurable. Fleck 7000 SXT is capable to remove up to 110,000 grains of minerals between regenerations. But it doesn’t slow down water stream and allowing water usage with 21 GPM (gallons s per minute).

The device equipped with digital controller. Branded LCD screen with touch pad provides a very convenient way to monitor and setup the system. Regeneration is controlled by on-demand flow meter, which measures water usage and intelligently calculates time for the next regeneration. Since this model has higher capacity, it is coming with larger durable tank, which can hold up to 300 lbs. All major parts have lengthy warranties like Polyglass brine tank has a 10 year warranty, while Digital control head 5 years. Installation also simplified, but company anyway recommends hiring a plumber to install it. As a conclusion, this model again is pretty reliable and suitable for bigger house.

3. Fleck 9100SXT Dual tank water softener 48k, 48,000 grain with the digital 9100 sxt valve

Fleck 9100SXT Dual tank water softener 48k 48000 grain with the digital 9100 sxt valve

Another heavy duty model from Fleck, which serves as a complete water softening system. The main difference from other models is dual tank and resin design. New design allows for alternate treatment. Also the design with dual tank allows this system to operate almost 24/7. Water supply of 12 GPM (gallons per minute) makes this model suitable for the middle size house. The total size of resin is 3 cubic feet, which is 1.5 cubic per resin. Fleck 9100SXT has high efficiency digital control head with polymer valve.

Regeneration of resin monitored by on-demand water meter which measures water usage and defines the frequency of doing resin restoration. Continues work of this device is controlled and monitored by the digital control head, which can be set through LCD screen using the touch pad. Endless supply of soft water is also possible due to having a large brine round tank. This heavy duty tank with lengthy 10 year warranty can hold up to 300 lbs of salt. Installation is suitable for a DIY project. But company recommends to use a specialist. In total this model is definitely most sufficient, but cost you a little bit more.


After making Fleck water softener reviews I can say that they are pretty reliable and efficient. The company offers pretty wide variety of models that can be installed in any residential property. Their product line targets families with different budgets and income range. From the functional angle they also offer the whole spectrum of devices. You can find models, which requires periodical check-ups and maintenance. Or you may decide to get almost maintenance free and 24/7 soft water suppliers. In all aspects company applies best of its multi-years’ experience and testing results. I would certainly recommend considering models of Fleck Systems as a reliable supplier of soft water in your house.

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