Flying Off the Shelves: 5 Tips for Making your Products More Attractive to Buyers

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Many businesses, old and new, fail each year because buyers are not drawn to a physical location or internet address. Some businesses do not even pass the starter stage due to a lack of investors or buyers interested in the presented products or services. Buyers these days tend to be fickle with all the choices available to obtain goods and services. If products are not displayed, described and marketed to catch the eye, the competition will have an advantage.

Nailing the Initial Presentation

Business owners wishing to sell new or innovative products, services or concepts must begin the process by finding buyers and investors. This is true of any business whether people can find it on the street, online or both. Walking into a meeting unprepared will prove futile. Prepare a presentation that will impress with customized products from suppliers, such as Filmsource.

Binding all pertinent information so buyers can have it for reference ensures nothing gets lost. Laminate the most important aspects like the business plan and the budget. The report covers a proposed name and the logo will make the project memorable and stand out from other projects.

Existing Businesses

Presentation is equally essential for businesses already in operation. Attracting buyers begins by highlighting new or improved items. E-commerce business needs a home page that will instantly let browsers know what products are sold in a way that makes them want to explore the website. Interesting photographs, clear and concise descriptions, and a unique name will capture attention.

Retail stores with physical locations require banners to announce sales or new merchandise. Eye-catching displays in the windows will cause passers-by to stop and be compelled to enter. Signs hanging from the ceiling direct shoppers to specific sections when inside. A larger than life depiction of the newest smartphone, for example, attracts buyers to the electronics department.

Effective Methods Considered Old-Fashioned

Independent professionals, regional medical practices and local eateries are examples of small businesses that need people in the area to patronize them in order to remain open and thrive. While making the entryway inviting will draw some new people, keeping customers happy and offering something exceptional or unexpected are still effective ways to increase volume. Nothing can replace word-of-mouth to expand business exposure on the local level.

Promotions and reward programs will keep regular customers coming back and entice new people to discover your location. A restaurant that offers free drinks with the purchase of an entrée or ten percent off desserts for a limited time is inexpensive and effective. Convenience stores do well with reward cards that are punched once eligible items are purchased. Coffee, soda, pizza, and pastries are common rewards that draw people away from the competition and into one location stores.

Sponsor a contest, such as a dart tournament or a trivia game, to make visiting the establishment fun and exciting. The prizes can be a t-shirt with the business logo, a free drink, or a coupon redeemable at the next visit. This is a tried and true method for attracting new customers and expanding business exposure in the community.


Intriguing and creative displays are paramount when seeking a higher number of buyers. Bringing a prototype of a product or a diagram illustrating a concept is more stunning on one of the several display options. A backdrop, perhaps, or a tablecloth with a logo will elevate the presentation and indicate professionalism.

Products on a stand with tiers allow buyers to learn about multiple versions of the same brand or featured item. Beauty products, light bulbs of different wattage and candy variations are ideal for this type of display in a physical retail store. A brochure stands in a waiting room to inform patients or clients of all the services provided in the medical center or an insurance office.

Selecting the right display for products and services that pique curiosity is an interactive means of gaining new customers. Someone getting a hair cut will check out shampoos and leave the salon with a signature line of hair care products. The person driving a family member to a dentist appointment is likely to discover procedures to whiten teeth or have a root canal to save a decayed tooth if the display is attractive and well placed.

Establishing an Internet Presence

Having a website is only one step to a complete internet presence. There is a multitude of ways to participate online to reach targeted audiences. A guest post on a related website will drive buyers to the business. One regarding insurance seen on a site for new and used boats gets people thinking about the topic. It is critical not to forget to add a link to your website within the post.

Social media sites have virtually exploded in popularity over the last few years. Some people visit preferred sites and pages every day. Gone are the days of only needing a page on Facebook. Certain targeted audiences are found on social media sites that only consist of pictures and photographs while others watch videos on a different site.

The internet is also a way to find business partners, investors, and freelance professionals. LinkedIn is a popular site for this purpose. Owners with no logo designs can find an artist to create one. A marketing agency will help get your brand noticed. Descriptions and experience histories of most professionals listed are found on this site.

Attracting buyers is becoming difficult due to increased competition. People are ordering more products and services online for the vast selection of items available and the convenience. Start-up and small businesses struggle for exposure against larger ones with more financial resources. The attention span is dwindling to a few seconds at best.

These reasons, and many more, are why attracting people to your business requires diligence, persistence, and exposure. Visual merchandising, a strong internet presence, excellent customer service and offering something the competition does not are basic attraction practices that work for most businesses in any industry.

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