Four Tips for Successful Business Travel during the Holiday Season

By Greg Nunan

For many of us, business travel isn’t exactly something to look forward to. Long travel hours, jet lag, long business meetings and just the general being away from home can make business travel rough – and that’s just during the normal year. During the holiday season, when travel is at its peak, business travel can be a flat out nightmare.

But unfortunately, there are reasons for business travel and clients and prospective clients still need to see you during the holiday season, so you can’t skip it just because the airport will be more crowded than usual. Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks you can use to make business travel during the holiday season stress-free and easy.

Pack Lightly. If you are able to, make sure to pack only a carry-on bag. This can help reduce plenty of time waiting in the airport, both to check the bag when you arrive and waiting for it when you land at your destination. Plus, keeping your bag with you instead of checking it can mean that it’s for sure not going to be lost!

Some tips to packing lightly:

  • Pack similar-colored items or items that can be layered or used more than once. For example: a sweater that can work with jeans and also dress pants, that can be used for a business meeting and dinner out
  • Take advantage of hotel toiletries that don’t have to be packed
  • Bring only as much as you’ll need – don’t overpack
  • Bring at most one other pair of shoes besides what you’re wearing when traveling – shoes take up the most room in a bag

Apply for TSA PreCheck or GlobalEntry. If you travel frequently throughout the year, signing up for one of the government’s expedited screening programs is a no-brainer. If you travel out of country, apply for GlobalEntry, which allows you to skip the lines at passport control and customs. It costs $100 for five years.

TSA PreCheck is a great option for those who travel within the U.S. often. For $85 for five years, once approved, you can skip the long security lines and zoom through security in a TSA PreCheck security line. You also don’t have to remove your shoes or anything out of your bag.

Utilize Airline Mobile Apps. If it is offered, download the airline mobile app for the airline you’re utilizing. You can also sign up for text or email alerts about flight delays when purchasing your ticket or checking in. You can use the app or alerts to stay aware of any delays or cancellations.

If you get an alert of a delayed or cancelled flight and need to re-book, the best bet is to call the airline directly. If you’re at the airport, wait in line for customer service help, but simultaneously give customer service a call, because you never know what will be faster.

Purchase Travel Insurance. It’s a simple fact that during the holidays, airports are more crowded and the weather is more severe, resulting in more delayed and cancelled flights. Unfortunately the fate of your flight is not in your hands, but purchasing travel insurance can help protect your business against losing money from a cancelled flight. It can help protect against delays, missed connections, trip cancellation and interruption as well as lost and stolen baggage.

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