From Ideation to Promotion: Simplifying Your Blogging Process

By carol

While blogging has proven to be a highly effective platform for promoting brands, sharing ideologies, promoting products and more, it should be understood that it is not as easy has many believe it to be. Even for the seasoned writer, blogging can be a challenge if they do not understand the entire process. Blogging is much more than coming up with an idea and then writing about it. Fortunately, there is a way to simplify the blogging process in a manner that will allow you to produce consistent results.

The most important thing to remember is that you must plan the entire process. Attempting to wing it will not produce the results that you are looking for. You must understand your target audience and determine the best approach to reaching them. You must be consistent with your message.

The Idea Stage of Blogging

It is possible that ideas about topics come in waves, and they come at some of the weirdest times. One of the challenges for bloggers is discovering how to capture their ideas when they are not prepared to transform them into a published article. What you will need to do is develop a system that will allow you to effectively manage the entire process, from ideation to promotion. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use BPM software (BPMS) to help you organize and manage the process from start to finish. BPM software will allow you to capture your ideas, so that you can revisit them when you are ready.

Not only does BPMS allow you to capture ideas, but it will help you operate throughout the process in a more efficient manner — meaning that you will not waste as much time. It will also ensure that you follow the blueprint that you have designed for your content development.

The BPMS will allow you to bring all of your ideas into one place.

The Writing Stage

The most important point to understand about writing is that you write to reach. The most important thing is not to show your readers all that you know in one article, it is to be as lucid in your presentation of the message you are relaying as possible.

It is also important to guard against distractions during the writing process. While writers tend to obsess with grammar and spelling, try not to stop every time that the editor highlights a word or phrase — deal with that when you proofread and edit the article. When you stop while you are writing to confront the editor, you could end up losing your writing rhythm. One way that you can guard against this distraction is writing the original draft in WordPad, which does not conduct grammar and spelling checks. Once you are finished writing the article, you can copy and paste it into Word to edit it.

The SEO Stage

While you should not ignore SEO when writing, giving too much attention to it before completing the article can distract you and impact your writing style. Actually, when you are completely focused on what you are writing about, you will normally do a decent job in optimizing the article for SEO purposes. Keep in mind that keyword density does not carry the gravity that it once did. The most important thing is to write a quality article that is original and relevant.

The Publishing Stage

One of the most important points to consider during the publishing stage is to ensure that the content has some sort of call to action included. Take the time to determine what it is that you want people to do, and then instruct them on how to do it.

Promoting Your Work

While awesome and relevant content is what will cause your blog posts to go viral, the content must be seen first. This means that you must invest in promoting your content. You can share your work on social media and through email lists. You should also consider PPC advertising to boost your site visitors.

While there is no cookie cutter approach to blogging, the aforementioned tips provide a good foundation on which to start. Study your analytic data to determine how to adjust what you are doing in order to be more effective.

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