Get in with the in crowd — London’s 5 coolest shops

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London’s a global cultural capital at the cutting edge of fashion and culture.

And retail entrepreneurs hoping to make their mark usually face fierce competition.

So if you want to find a lucrative niche in this exciting city you’ll need to unleash your imagination.

Take a look at London’s five coolest shops to get your creative juices flowing.

Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is a gigantic six-storey space stuffed with designer clothes and accessories for men and women, an exhibition space and dedicated sneaker section.

It’s a quirky space where concrete floors clash with elaborate chandeliers and till points hidden in tin shacks — certainly a memorable experience for customers.

It even boasts an in-house bakery on the top floor — so you can relax with tea and scones while perusing your purchases.

Kristina Records

This Dalston music emporium’s eclectic record selection attracts vinyl enthusiasts from across London.

As well as a deep dig into the cavernous crates, you’ll also find trendy t-shirts and assorted memorabilia — and you can refresh your own collection by swapping your old discs for something special from Kristina’s vaults.

The interior of this joint is minimalist yet magnificent — so if you’re looking for shops to let in London, perhaps the right location and a friendly vibe is more important than elaborate design.

Wolf and Badger

Wolf and Badger should be your first stop in the capital if you’re searching for unique menswear and female fashion from independent designers.

Black walls and soft lighting create a subtle and sophisticated ambience and a space customers feel relaxed wandering around at their leisure.

The store also has a basement that’s sometimes used as an exhibition space to introduce new designers or new collections from firm favourites — this type of flexibility is a rare luxury but adds a different dynamic dimension.

Arthur Beale Chandlery

Arthur Beale has supplied sailors and adventurers with everything from ice picks to barometers for over 400 years.

The yacht chandler still sells specialist nautical equipment like binoculars and anchors— but it’s a real treasure trove where you’ll also find trendy sailors smocks for adults and children, cosy oiled wool pullovers and thermal jackets for your next trip to the Arctic.

This traditional shop has survived storms for centuries and will hopefully sail smoothly for years to come.

OTHER shop

OTHER shop is a chic Berwick Street boutique that features a select choice of designer brands for men and women.

It stocks emerging designers and exclusive collections — so you’ll pay a little more for something truly unique.

But if you’re into cult clothing, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you pick the perfect outfit.

This shop plugs a gap in the market by providing loyal customers with clothes they’d struggle to find anywhere else.

If you’re taking the plunge into London retail, these five coolest shops provide plenty of inspiration.

What’s your favourite London shop? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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