Got All Auto Parts Look into the Top Safety Rated Vehicles for 2019

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As with every new line of vehicles created by various manufacturers, the annual reports for the safest alternatives for 2019 have been finalized. While many providers continue to hold their outstanding rankings on this list, there were some new ones that climbed to the top. Before getting into the actual analysis of the top-rated vehicles, however, it is important to recognize how the entire process works.

First, cars that are rated as the safest ones are categorized based on their size. This helps avoid comparing automobiles that are nowhere near similar. For instance, lining up the latest Chevy Silverado and Audi A8 would be completely counterintuitive given these two vehicles’ variance in size, power, primary use, and more. Additionally, the following top contendershave all been compiled from the most advanced auto safety testing organization in the United States – the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). So, what brands and models claimed the titles for exceptional safety in their respective categories in 2019?

Honda Insight
With a long-lasting track record in the sphere of small cars, Honda has certainly established itself as a formidable contestant. In fact, this is not the first time that this 4-door sedan has been given the prestigious “Top Safety Pick Plus” designation. For those unfamiliar, the IIHS only gives this level of achievement to vehicles that have a “good” (highest) rating across all categories on the front-crash test. In addition, they also have to maintain a “good” rating for all categories in the passenger-side, small-overlap crash that is designed to test the car’s ability to save the life of individuals other than the driver. Well, with a perfect score sheet, the Honda Insight effortlessly took the victory for the small car category. Interestingly enough, the Hyundai Elantra came as a very close runner-up.

BMW 3 Series
According to Got All Auto Parts, a transmission rebuilder and auto part wholesaler from Michigan, luxury cars that achieve perfect scores should always be praised above other categories. And rightly so. After all, unlike the Honda Insight, luxury vehicles tend to carry a plethora of additional technology that makes it more difficult to facilitate perfect safety features. Nonetheless, the BMW 3 Series achieved this with an impressive scorecard for all crash tests. Although it did experience some issues with certain kinds of headlight trims, the manufacturer easily corrected the problem by implementing 330i trim equipped with an executive package where the LED lights were both curve-adaptive and possessed an outstanding high-beam assist.

Hyundai Tucson
Even after moving through the categories, Hyundai is one of the very few vehicles that continues to dominate. This is proven by the fact that the IIHS rated the Tucson SUV model from this South Korean builder as another Top Safety Pick Plus. As with the BMW, however, the headlights are only satisfactory under its “ultimate” trim that was built after March 2019 to overcome safety dilemmas. Also, there were some minor shortcomings in the ease of use for the latch that is utilized to connect the child seat in the back. Nonetheless, even with these minor obstacles, Tucson still outperformed the vast majority of all SUVs that have been produced in the United States. According to Got All Auto Parts, this is a mention-worthy achievement since the SUV category is rapidly approaching the 4-door sedan group as the most popular car style on the planet.

Audi Q8
While no large SUV was rated well enough to qualify for the Top Safety Pick Plus award, Audi’s Q8 came closer than any other rival. In fact, the 3.0T Premium Plus model of this German beauty received good ratings for every single crash test. The only things that prevented it from completely acing the scorecard were the headlights that were deemed “acceptable” at their best.

Issues here mainly revolved around some excessive glare, which is common with LED reflectors, and there was a lack of proper curve-adaptive technology. Nonetheless, the fact that Audi made a 5,000-pound vehicle that scores higher in safety that certain two-door counterparts is absolutely astounding.

Honda Ridgeline
Finally, the list would be incomplete without a representative from the large pick-up truck category. Unfortunately, however, most manufacturers failed poorly as Honda Ridgeline was the one and only crew-cab pickup deemed worthy of a Top Safety Pick. And while this only applies to trims that feature optional front crash prevention software and special headlights, it is still more than other trucks can offer. The only other concern that the IIHS had was the latch for child seat as its accessibility was qualified with an “acceptable” grade. Regardless, being the only truck to get selected for a prestigious award on the 2019 lineup is a testament to Honda’s dedication to safe pickups.

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