Here’s What You Can and Can’t Say on Your Company Blog

By Blogtrepreneur

Company blogs are one of the most important aspects of any company’s online image; hence knowing what to say and when to say it can be the difference between a sterling online image, and a debilitating libel lawsuit. Usually while many do get it right, it could become disastrous for one to get it wrong.

Here are a few things companies who get it right are known to post on their blog pages:

Articles that Inform and educate readers

It’s okay to post content informing readers about things they have little knowledge about, these could be useful things like how to tell authentic business offers from fakes or something as mundane as how to properly knot a tie. People love learning new things, especially on issues they deal with on a day to day basis.

Company offers and promotions

The company blog is usually the first port of call for clients who are unsure about certain products or services which the company offers; as such posts explaining the products in detail along with all the accompanying terms are highly useful along with information on promotional services that may be ongoing. It is essential that the information here be factual and not too sensational so it cannot be taken out of context.

Here are a couple of things NOT to say when thinking up new posts for a company’s blog:

False advertisement

This can be ultimately damaging to the brand or image that a company might be trying to protect. False advertisement goes beyond selling products that do not give advertised results. Your company will be embroiled in legal tussles in no time if the company blog uses languages banned by advertising bodies in your jurisdiction. Public liability insurance can help you in the event of such lawsuits but it is always best to prevent such issues from the start.

Lewd language

This has no place on a company blog, maybe only if the company is into adult entertainment. Language on your company blog should be clean whilst reflecting the brand’s image and voice.

Posting content that is proprietary without consent

Using songs, videos and images that aren’t either owned or granted to the company by the owners is a bad move as it can lead to complications with the copyright owners.

Your company blog should always add to your brand. This can only be achieved when content is carefully moderated.

It’s highly important to manage the content that comes out of a company blog, and while it might not be feasible to plug all the holes, it is still a good practice to be aware of as much as you can be while you are at it. Remember to keep a consistent voice across your interactions to give your brand its own personal “identity”. When done effectively, people will engage with you at a much higher level and will have increased loyalty towards you.

Using social media and blogs to interact with your customer base is a great way to grow a brand. Just make sure you undertake the practice properly.

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