Here’s What You Need to Know About In-app Mobile Affiliate Marketing

By Sohel Ather

Evidently, the mobile market is growing faster than lightning. By the year 2020, there will be almost 2.9 billion smartphone users around the globe. Just look at the number! Now fathom the impact and effect it can have on businesses across industries and sectors.

The number of mobile app downloads is also increasing with the smartphone user base. Long ago, the game was transformed from a desktop to smartphone, widening up the new reality and letting the every player in the market regardless of the size to reach out to potential customers in any corner of the world.

Now, mobile advertisers are taking this advantage to generate revenue out of an app. In-app mobile affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to make some good amount of money when the referred online product or service is bought through the app. There are a lot of businesses who offer affiliate marketing software and affiliate tracking software. But it ain’t as easy as it sounds. But it ain’t as easy as it sounds. A plethora of challenges and efforts are associated with this to make money is not mildest of jobs.

Here are our 4 challenges that are holding back mobile affiliate marketing from widely accepted.

  1. Not Every Purchase Can be Done on a Smartphone

The World is going mobile. But advertisers need to understand the fact that customers cannot purchase a product on a mobile phone which is of a 2-inch screen as it only makes it hard to navigate through a normal website. Ultimately advertisers end up by earning nothing.

Instead, advertisers need to invest in simple mobile apps and websites which greatly present APIs that native mobile app developers can easily blend into, choose the right product to promote, and finally direct your customers to.

  1. Choose the Right Products to Advertise or Promote

Not every product on the website is available in every country or area in a specific country especially if you are or want to advertise iTunes where music, films, and apps greatly vary from location to location. So make sure you learn about the availability of the products you wish to advertise to your customers.

  1. Allowing the Affiliate Links Go Old

Mobile apps behave differently on different mobile phones just like software. This is true, especially when compared to links which open up as a website and hence driving to a different user experience. In this scenarios, the user constantly needs to refresh the links otherwise, they will remain ineffective. So to avoid this, the advertiser can develop a CMS (Content Management System) program which keeps a track of the status of the links as well as the content more relevant.

  1. Not Optimizing the Data

Usually, affiliate marketers do hold a significant amount of data that they can utilize for promotions. But unfortunately, most of the times, marketers do not use the data to draw the greatest interests. Users like to engage and interact with new and updated content every day. So optimizing the data and content may end up in enhanced customer interactions by developing the user relevancy and user experience.

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