Hit the Ground Running with Your Startup

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Starting a small business is a bit like preparing a big fancy dinner for the first time. There are many moving parts and several specific sequences which must occur with accuracy to ensure success. Without experience, there will undoubtedly be a mistake here and there, but the trick is to press onward and get food on the table one way or another (or at the base of a startup, get a product or service to market one way or another.)

Yet similar to watching cooking shows for kitchen preparation, there is are tips to help expedite the process of building a business from the ground up for the first time. It won’t guarantee flawless execution, but it will help to streamline operations from the onset. This ability to hit the ground running is crucial for companies striving to compete in today’s increasingly internet based arenas of commerce and industry.

The most important elements of this approach are as follows:

Security and Elasticity

Today’s companies have to take cyber security very seriously regardless of size or target market. With a startup, it can be difficult to accurately assess the future needs of protecting data and virtual business management. This can lead to clumsy and slow transitions into new territory as the company grows. The path around this obstruction is opting for a hybrid cloud security solution from the beginning. In essence, it allows startups to tinker and change their online apparatus without creating security weaknesses in the process. This enables startups to more swiftly take on new roles and responsibilities as time goes on.

Marketing and Advertising

Devising a full spectrum marketing plan is often viewed as a luxury by business leaders at the helm of a startup. They may say, “Let’s go for targeted, budget-friendly advertising campaigns at the onset and take it from there.” Is there any reason a startup can’t do both? The act of developing a marketing plan can go well beyond what is financially feasible from the start – after all, the plan is just on paper.

Adhere to a targeted, Spartan approach to advertising at first, but design a grander plan for future activation. This saves time for when the grander plan will be needed, but more importantly, it gives the team a coherent vision and theme to follow. In a way, you’re creating a marketing plan for your staff to be inspired by as much as one to appeal to customers or clients down the line. This move to rally the troops leads to less time spent getting the company mission across to employees, which in turn leads to greater operation efficiency.

Competition and Intelligence

Startups are not typically entering an empty marketplace. Competitors are likely established and not easily pushed around. Getting the drop on the competition before opening your doors is essential if the goal is to accurately assess the market environment. Otherwise, it’s too easy to spend much of your time in those first days and weeks overthinking ways to distinguish yourself from rivals. Furthermore, analyzing the competition helps startups to avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel or attempting operational approaches proven not to work. Why use up precious energy and resources if another company has already done that for you? It might be too late to be considered a founding enterprise within a given industry, but this position has the advantage of learning the mistakes made in the past by competitors. It’s just a matter of whether or not you take the time to learn from these mistakes rather than make them yourself.

Someone’s attempt to start a business is their first. As such, experience is a scarcity, resulting in mistakes and mix ups. It’s no sweat – the rite of passage for entrepreneurs everywhere – but that doesn’t mean startups can’t take steps to reduce the chances of these missteps occurring. By doing so, they help to make things run smoother from the onset and can therefore hit the ground running – which no doubt helps in a world moving as fast as this one.

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