Hobbies That Make Money: 5 Real-World Ideas

By Greg Nunan

hobbies that make money

As the saying goes, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Think about what you are passionate about, things you enjoy and love to do in your spare time. We will show you how you too can turn it into one of those hobbies that make money.

To do that we listed below 5 ideas to get you started with real life examples to boot:

The Great Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, a blog can be a great way to share your expertise and general know how on the subject and making money by doing so. Blogging has evolved in recent years. People look to blogs as valuable sources of information just as much as popular magazines and books of years ago. If you’re into hunting or kayaking, for instance, you can create a blog containing reviews of the equipment you use, your preference of each and why, and other related outdoorsy tips.

Anywhere from what compound bows are best for deer hunting, to which fishing kayak is the best value for the money. Online shoppers love to read reviews from experienced pros before hitting the buy button.

When people click on the products you recommend and eventually purchase said product through your link (also called an affiliate link), you will make a percentage in commission. You can also approach outdoors related companies to advertise on your blog and earn additional income regardless of a successful sale.

Two Real world examples:

  • The Crossbow Critic – This outdoors focused site provides helpful hunting tips, reviews on crossbows and compound bows, as well as general prey tracking guides, so you won’t get lost in the woods next time you go hunting for deer.
  • The Kayak Critic – Focuses mostly on kayak reviews, from beginners that just want to hit the water and enjoy a weekend camping, to pro anglers that want to catch the next big bass and want to know more on the latest fishing gear, such as fish finders, rods, and reels.

Healthy Eating & Nutrition

For some, healthy eating is a way of life. Others are still trying to learn to learn what eating healthy is. If you’re passionate about fitness and health foods, and you enjoy creating different recipes, why not create a healthy living cookbook?

Cookbooks are one of the most popular money making hobbies, taking advantage of your passion of creating healthy recipes and others desire for new healthy cooking ideas. Put your own special spin on the idea, and create a cookbook uniquely your own. This could be anywhere from “Eating Healthy as a Single Mom” or “Keeping the Family Running with Quick-n-Easy Healthy Recipes”.

I would skip the traditional publishing route, and instead go straight to Amazon’s Kindle with a self-published eBook. From there, you can use social media, and online marketing to drive traffic to your book. It’s a great way to turn a passion for food and fitness into extra cash to supplement your income.

Real world example:

Simply browsing through Amazon.com for healthy living cookbooks will show you how popular these types of books really are. But one example that stands out from the crowed is Vani Hari’s food blog, also known as the Food Babe. She turned a passion for nutrition to become a #1 National Bestseller with her Book “The Food Babe Way”.


Anyone who loves sports has something to teach someone who is just starting out in that sport. Whether you love golf, baseball, or basketball, you can create great tutorial videos and post them to your own YouTube channel.

Take for example basketball training. With the ease of taking and posting videos today, you can even include step by step instructional videos in your tutorials and become the go to authority in playing hoops. Once you build the trust of your audience, those looking to improve their game will subscribe to your channel and keep looking to you for help in other areas of their game.

If your content is unique and easy to follow, and your tips actually work, you will find others would readily spend their money on your products related to basketball to improve their skills even further.

Real world example:

Consider this. The Shot Science YouTube Channel has over 500 videos on basketball tips, tutorials, and general how to guides to analyze your shots and better your game. The only thing they sell is a $4.99 Vertical Jump Handbook.

If you improved even one aspect of your game from their freely available couching videos, then you would have no problem parting with five bucks to improve your jump. With almost 200K subscribers you can see their hobby has become more than just a side business.

Music & Instruments

If you know how to play an instrument well and music is in your blood, you definitely have chance to make money with your hobby. There are thousands of people who love to learn to play music. Many others are just getting into playing an instrument and are looking for just the right instruction to start.

Do you play the guitar like the Boss? Then consider becoming a guitar instructor online. Similar to the basketball example above, you can start a YouTube channel and upload your guitar teaching videos immediately.

Even though there are many guitar teachers that provide online instruction you can put a special spin on your style. Instead of teaching run of the mill chords and scales, and ABCs of music reading, why not focus on Heavy Metal music fans that want to learn how to play songs by Slipknot or Slayer. This is how you would differentiate yourself, by targeting a subgroup that you can relate to the most.

Once you’ve compiled a few videos, providing a complete beginner course for free, then you can start directing your students to more advanced tutorials where they would have to purchase to access.

Real world example:

One of the most successful online guitar lesson personalities is Marty. He gives out a ton of information and super beginner lessons on his YouTube channel but then direct potential customer to his GuitarJamz.com website where he sells his premium lessons in DVD bundles.

Video Games

Are you in college right now, yet you spend more time on your XBOX than studying? Do you still play NBA JAM and yell out Boom Shakalaka!? Then you are in luck. Video games are one of my favorite hobbies to make money.

People of all ages love to play but with so many game choices and prices keep creeping up it helps to weed out the poor performers. By reviewing video games online you can make decent money from both gaming publishers that want to capitalize on your popularity in the gaming community as well as affiliate sales of the games and consoles themselves. This is especially true with emerging companies that are not as known in the market as the bigger names like Riot and EA Games.

Here too you can niche down to and become an authority on one particular genre of games. Choose from the category you know best such as Sports, First Person Shooter, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), and be the expert source for the games that fall into these categories.

Real world example:

The site News of Legends took it a step further and they only focus on just one game (albeit the most popular game currently): League of Legends. The sites has a breadth of content on L.O.L, anywhere from news updates, championships, tournament schedules, popular gaming lounges, and of course reviews on new editions and rule changes that come to the game.

Profit from Passion

No matter what your passion is, you too can make money with it. Just think of your unique angle you bring to the table and use to introduce it to others. Brainstorm some ideas and look around to see what others are doing and how you can do it differently. Finding hobbies that make money is well worth perusing, especially if you have a passion for it.

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