How a Virtual Secretary Can Manage All Your Day-to-Day Tasks

How a Virtual Secretary Can Manage All Your Day-to-Day Tasks

By Sak


What Is A Virtual Secretary?

A virtual secretary is a person who works from home as an administrative and/ or personal assistant for multiple clients at the same time.

Why Hire A Virtual Secretary?

Hiring a virtual secretary is becoming common among professionals because of their availability in flexible working hours and being cost effective. A virtual secretary can be hired only for the period they are needed as opposed to a secretary working at the office. You do not need to hire a virtual secretary permanently, if you do not need him/ her all the time For example, if you only want someone to help you in a specific project or only few hours per week, hiring a virtual secretary is the solution to your problem.

Hiring a virtual assistant can save your money because you do not need to pay the benefits of a full time employee to a virtual secretary and he/ she will be using his/ her own computer, internet, phone, electricity for doing your work rather than your office’s.

The opportunity for working as a virtual secretary also save people from long commutes to the office and they can work for multiple clients at the same time, sitting in the comfort of their home. However, a person needs to have excellent management and administrative skills to work as a virtual secretary because there is a lot of competition in the market.

How Can A Virtual Secretary Help You?

Depending on your need, a virtual secretary can perform variety of tasks, be it includes logistics and scheduling or managing your clients in your absence or when you are busy, managing your accounts, phone calls etc.

A virtual secretary can save your time by managing your following day-to-day tasks:

  • Regularly checking your emails and responding to them
  • Research and making presentations
  • Updating email newsletters and/ or blogs
  • Managing your appointments, meetings and travel
  • Attend phone calls in your absence or when you are busy and effectively handle your clients
  • Carry out the task of business communication
  • Organize all your files and data through spread sheets, dropbox etc.
  • Setting up and Managing all your social media accounts
  • May write press releases
  • Follow up with your clients
  • Building your database and regularly updating it
  • Transcribing audios, videos, voice mails, conference calls etc.
  • Noting down minutes of meetings
  • Making reports on your tasks, sales etc.
  • Help you in recruitment by shortlisting candidates
  • Your business’ marketing
  • Typing, editing and proof reading all your reports, presentations etc.
  • A virtual secretary can perform the writing, graphic designing and SEO tasks

In short, a virtual secretary can perform all the tasks of a regular office secretary without being too heavy on your pocket. So, take advantage of modern technologies and take help of a virtual secretary to decrease your work load without affecting your business.

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