How Bad Network Coverage Could Affect Your Business

By Greg Nunan

The modern entrepreneur must adapt to the ever changing business environment and become a master of electronics in this new age of technology. A poor mobile network coverage and slow broadband speeds can have major implications on the success of your business. In this guide, we look at the importance of improving your signal and the best ways to go about doing this.

Why is coverage so important?

The current shift towards mobile technology sees more companies taking advantage of its many applications. Smart phones offer an easy way to communicate with clients, staff and suppliers via emails and other messaging services. It can also allow employees to access company data and resources without being restricted to one single location. If staff choose to attend a meeting far from the office or decide to work from home, this availability of information at the touch of a button can be the difference between that all important sale.

A mobile phone can also be used for integration between other resources including laptops and tablets. This creates a more efficient working environment, where staff can easily collaborate together or better communicate with vendors and customers. In fact, studies have shown that those companies which harness broadband-based processes improve staff productivity by 10% in the services sector. This is only possible with adequate signal across all mobile users in your business.

Finally, as an entrepreneur it’s essential to be contactable at all times. Capitalizing on the latest opportunities, overcoming potential issues within your business or simply communicating effectively with customers, requires the best network coverage.

How to improve coverage

If your signal is lacking or can intermittently deteriorate, it’s important to phone your provider and make a formal complaint. Under the contractual agreement, you have the right to terminate your contract stating poor performance. As many mobile providers do not want lose a client to the competition, they’ll often help in any way they can.

A complimentary booster box should be provided which can be installed in your office or place of work. Many can enhance coverage tenfold and can improve 4G signal for as many as 16 people. There’s also bespoke packages available for larger offices, where mobile providers can install several boxes to ensure a perfect signal.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. If you’re yet to invest in mobile phone coverage for your business, be sure to do some homework. Many of the leading providers show coverage maps on their websites, showing the best areas in the country for coverage and the worst. This can be great for those in a remote locations with notoriously bad signal. You can choose the provider which offers the best signal for your region.

For extra caution, it’s recommended to try before you buy. Purchase a cheap pay as you go sim from a potential provider and test the signal for a couple of days. Use the test phone as you would your work phone to highlight any issues or areas which aren’t so good for signal.

Once you’ve improved mobile coverage, you’ll be guaranteed effective communication across all stakeholders. It’s one less thing to worry about, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

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