How to Acquire a Business Line of Credit with Lower APR

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business line of credit

A business line of credit is among one of the many common methods for having working capital for your business. It can be for various needs though. This money can be used for different kind of purposes like payroll, inventory management, investing on infrastructure, updating your tools and hiring new recourses and so on. When business is doing well, enough capital at hand makes the expansion of business possible and when the business is at risk the capital at hand makes a business sustainable. A business line of Credit is one of the most preferred options for acquiring such capital. There are many reasons that make a business line of credit favourable. It has lower rates and the best part is that the interest is not charged on the part of credit which is not in use. It is suitable for any type of business as the availability of loan is less dependent on the credit scores. The only arrangement that a business line of credit involves is that the lender sets a limit on the credit line to which the borrower can withdraw the amount. The most important thing for a borrower is to get the money easily and with a lower annual percentage rate of charge (APR). To acquire a business line of credit with a lower APR below important points must be considered.

1. The APR will be low as long as you pay on time

When you acquire a business line of credit the interest rates are lower than that of loans but make sure you can make payments on time, else the interest rates increase highly and dissolve the sole purpose of taking a business line of credit.

2. Have a decent credit score

It is true that you can get capital from the line of credit even with a bad credit score but with low credit score the lender will impose a very high APR and thus when you plan for acquiring a loan make sure your credit score is as good as it can be. Don’t let any non-repayment or issues damage your credit score. A credit score is you report card based on which your interest rates are determined.

3. Carefully choose your option

Based on your exact requirement there are many options available to a borrower. Your best choice for acquiring a business line of credit can differ based on your credit scores, the urgency of capital, size of business, the purpose of capital and reputation of your company and its annual revenue too. Depending on these factors the APR rates and amounts vary and hence you must check what plan and offer suit best to your business. In some cases, the interest rates can go low as 7 %. The source of finance can be either secured or unsecured and hence it is natural that secured line of credit will have lower interest rates. Preferably one should opt for a secured line of credit only when he is confident about his business plan and is capable to adhere to payment cycles. Getting an unsecured business line of credit is the best option though. Once again in an unsecured business line of credit, your lending option can be traditional or non-traditional. A traditional option is always preferable when you consider only APR, however, to get capital quickly the non-traditional options are far better and less tedious.

4. Compare term duration and Offers

Some terms last only months while some last for more than a year. So carefully compare APR rates by various companies based on the term duration. Again many companies don’t charge interest rates till a short period to lure more customers. Some companies have a flat interest rate and some companies have a pretty straightforward fee range per month.


Do as much research as possible to find which lender can give you a business line of credit with minimum APR. Also once you find a lender suitable make sure you furnish all the required documents and information when asked for. Even though getting a business line of credit is not a very difficult task but you should still remain prepared. To ease borrowing options these days there are many online tools to compare the resulting APR amount offered by various companies based on your qualifications and requirements.

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