How to Attract Relevant Blog Traffic with Content Promotion Strategies

By stephanienorman777

Did you know that around 2 million blog posts get published every single day? That’s a huge volume of content for Internet users, but guess what: only few of those posts attract a great deal of traffic and convert the visitors to subscribers.

The huge activity in the blogosphere is an opportunity, but it’s also a challenge. You’re allowed to publish whatever you want on your blog, but you have to beat the competition if you want to get enough attention. You cannot sit back waiting for readers to find you, so you need content promotion strategies that will make you a successful blogger.

You’re already aware of the common advice for content promotion: share on social media, communicate with the audience, provide high quality, and so on. We will spare you from the same old things you read on a daily basis, and we’ll provide you with practical tips that help you attract relevant traffic to your blog.

1. Promote your blog through Facebook ads

You don’t have to try hard to find a way to attract relevant traffic to your blog; Facebook has already figured it out for you. There is a huge audience on this social network, and Facebook has all information about their interests. Thus, it can serve the ads to the right target audience. Facebook advertising will get you plenty of visits on a daily basis.

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As many other bloggers, you may have one question on your mind: how much will Facebook advertising cost? The good news is that you can control your budget, so Facebook will not charge any more than you have planned for your campaign. According to The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report, the average cost per page like in the USA is $0.84.

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These ads will appear like usual posts on the users’ timelines, so they won’t even notice the heavy advertising.

2. Make the posts engaging

You know you have to make the posts engaging, but how exactly are you supposed to do that? Engagement comes in the form of likes, replies, favorites, and shares. That’s determined through few factors:

  • Visual appeal

You always make sure to choose the right images for your blog posts. Are you doing the same when you’re promoting them? You need to add images to Facebook posts, so your followers will notice them more easily. It’s even better if you complement the posts with videos. Thanks to Facebook’s autoplay function, many people will see those posts and they will click on them to visit your blog.

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  • Hashtags

Some people mock hashtags, but even they can’t ignore the fact that the hashtag method is effective in content promotion. Use few 1-2 relevant hashtags when promoting posts on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. On Instagram, it’s okay to use more of them, but don’t get carried away with a huge block of hashtags.

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  • The post length

There’s not much consideration about the length of a Tweet; you know you need to stick within the limited number of characters. However, you don’t have such limitations on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and other social media networks, so the question is inevitable: how long should the posts be?

According to the information published by Buffer, the ideal character count is 71-100 for Twitter, 60 for Google+, and 40 for Facebook. Who would’ve guessed that Facebook users expect shorter updates than the ones they see on Twitter?

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It’s important to keep your social media updates to the desired length if you want to keep the audience engaged.

3. Mention and quote influencers

Bloggers who create a buzz with each new post they published are considered authorities in the online world. Everyone is recommending their content, but not all fellow bloggers do that the right way.

When you quote influencers, you have to make sure their words are relevant to your topic. Always include a link to the source of that quote, and make that part of your post tweetable. Why would you want to do that? – Because you’re not only trying to add value to your content through their words; you’re also trying to establish connections with influencers.

Once the blog post goes live, tweet those parts and tag the bloggers you’ve mentioned. You can expect their retweets and recommendations, so you’ll gain visibility in front of their target audience.

4. Be an active member of forums and communities

Forums are the perfect spot for attracting visitors who are interested in the content you have, so you need to make them an essential part in your content promotion strategy. If you don’t have time to write awesome blog content, promote it all over social media, and make valuable contributions in these online communities, then you use online services which offer great assistance in writing and editing, so you can rely on them regardless of the niche your blog is focused on.

Back to the forums and communities. These are the ones you can explore:

  • Quora – that’s where everyone goes when they need an answer from an expert. You can target the questions related to your blog’s theme, provide awesome answers, and gain points that make you more visible.
  • Reddit – you can find anything on this forum. Locate the relevant categories and become an active member of the community. Do not insult people and maintain a friendly, but authoritative approach that presents your blog in the best light.
  • it – you only need to submit your content to 10-15 scoops to attract hundreds of visits to your blog.

5. Make the blog content easy to share

Content marketing involves more than promotional activities; it also includes the actual content you write. You need to develop share-worthy, easy-to-read content; otherwise you’ll be the only one sharing it on social media.

  • The structure of the post is an important aspect of its ‘shareability’. How-to posts, listicles, and infographics are the types of posts the audience prefers.
  • The headline has to be very appealing, since it’s the only thing most people will read before deciding whether or not to give the post a chance. Plus, the headline is the main point that attracts attention when the post is shared on social media.
  • Write longer, elaborate posts. Although the attention span of the audience is not that great, SerpIQ found that the average length of posts that show up at the top of Google search results is 2000+. Longer posts also get more shares on social media.

Content Promotion Is a Process; Not an Activity

You need a precise strategy that will help you promote your content to the right target audience. Only a focused, well-planned approach will yield good results. This process will involve a lot of time and effort, but that investment will return with a greater number of visits to your blog, better engagement, and more conversions.

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