How to Become an Exporter, Without Product, Premises or Staff

By Gary Clements

Without getting too deeply into international economics, it is obvious that the international standing, wealth, and international competitiveness of a country is affected by the balance between how much income it pulls in by Exporting products and Services compared to how much of its wealth flows out as a result of Importing goods and services from other Nations.

The Current Account

In economic terms, this relationship is known as the “Current Account” balance. In essence, anyone who generates income from Overseas is an Exporter. Exporters improve a country’s Current Account Balance, so government’s love exporters.

In recent years the dominant position that China has taken as the World’s largest manufacturer of products , means that it now has a massive surplus of revenue flowing in.

This surplus can be used to buy up productive land or invest in other income generating assets outside of its own borders.

The International Monetary Fund has written about the tensions that arise between trading partners, (like the USA and China) because of these massive imbalances.

The Local Impact

On a smaller scale, the dominance of China means that the economies of small towns throughout countless countries are suffering, because activities that their citizens once used to bring income into their towns are now controlled by major international Companies, or dominated by other countries where labor costs etc make the small local producers noncompetitive.

This is happening in all areas of manufacturing and agriculture.

If enough local farmers and manufacturers can no longer compete in their traditional ways, the overall balance between their country’s exports and imports always weakens. The country ends up importing (buying) more than it sells (exports), and jobs are lost throughout the Country, in rural towns and large manufacturing-based cities alike.

So how does someone in a small rural community, or even a large city fight back?

One answer lies on the internet.

There is an enormous international market available to everyone, and in that market, there are endless ways to generate new and ongoing incomes, without producing any products, with few if any staff, and with no need for any machines or materials other than your home computer or laptop.

Remember, every time you generate income of any kind, from a transaction in another Country you are technically generating wealth for yourself, and for your Country as an Exporter.

With the internet providing an international marketplace, all you have to do is find a way to tap into that Marketplace, and make money without the need to make or grow your own products.

Export Income without Products, Staff or Premises

Here are a few of the ways this can be done, by anyone, anywhere ,without leaving your home. These are not “get rich quick” schemes, but genuine ongoing income options without high capital investments:

Affiliate Marketing

This is where you build a website that recommends and sells products made,owned and supplied by someone else.

You never see or handle the product, you never meet or deal with the purchaser, you simply help to bring the product to the buyers attention, and when they buy you earn a fee.

There are thousands of businesses with products to sell who have affiliate marketing programs and want people like you to help them sell.

There are Affiliate marketing networks where you can find these Company’s and their offers. There are also some large marketing platforms like Amazon and E-Bay which provide you a ready distribution option.

Digital Product Sales

This area covers a massive range of options also. Use your specialized knowledge to develop a course in “How to …..” , build a website to promote that course, and deliver it to a paying “student” anywhere in the world.

There are services like Paypal set up specifically to safely deal with these sorts of Transactions.

If you don’t have specialist knowledge to sell, use someone else’s.

You can readily find someone else’s knowledge to sell in the form of e-books by visiting Clickbank. Again build a website to promote that product and you will automatically generate an income from every customer.

Lead Generation

Online, like everywhere else, is a very competitive and rapidly changing place. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses, from trades to professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Financiers) all trying to use the internet to bring live, paying customers through their doors.

With a little research, you can build a website that out ranks those providers in their own markets, and from there sell the inquiries that come through your site to the organisations clamoring for customers.

None of These Activities are Restricted to Your own Country

Someone in South Africa can build a website that ranks #1 for “Solicitors in New York” and sells leads to large US law Firms becoming an instant Exporter.

Alternatively, a housewife working from home in New York can build a top ranking website for South African Safari Holidays, sell the leads to South African tour operators, and also be an instant exporter.

There are literally thousands of ways to generate a new “export” income for yourself online.

By spending your newly created income locally, you help both your local and national economies to continue providing jobs.

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