How to Boost Your Online Presence

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With the rise of the Internet and social media, modern companies and creative people prefer to do business online. Internet presence makes it much easier to connect with the target audience and thus promote the brand. So if you are thinking of how to build an online presence as a business owner, we hope that our tips will help.

Let’s start with the online presence definition. Simply put, online presence refers to the visibility of your brand and your works on the web in the form of a personal blog, social media profiles, e-commerce store, etc. Everybody knows how much people spend time on the Internet and on their phones. Nowadays, building a business website has become a necessity. Some choose to build a website with the help of free tools, some hire web developers to get a custom solution. Of course, with the number of modern web development technologies, sometimes, it hard to choose the right one. Thus, companies tend to look for affordable yet high-quality solutions. Moreover, you should really take into account all the advantages and disadvantages. For example, this is what you get if you hire a .NET developer in Ukraine along with the explanation of the technology. Eventually, everybody wants to have a successful website but it takes time and careful research to realize what is a good fit for you.

Importance of Online Presence

So why is the online presence that important? Here is how you can benefit from making yourself visible online:

  • Get closer to the possible customers. If you target for millennials and generation Z, i.e. people who spend most of their time online, your presence on the web is the best way to connect with them.
  • Expand your target audience. The most exciting thing about the Internet is its globality. Times, when you could get a book only at a local bookstore, are now long gone. The World Wide Web can now connect entrepreneurs and customers even across the continents.
  • Gain credibility. A website or profile where your customers can honestly review your works are reputable sources that make your brand more trustworthy and credible. At the early stages you will have to put some effort into building your reputation, but then your reputation will work for you.
  • Increase brand awareness. Strong online visibility will create a buzz around your name, making people talk and share the news about it.
  • Promote your services. Being present online gives you a chance to promote your writing services via social networks, landing pages, blogs, search engines, and other media.
  • Save time and effort. Publishing your works online is a faster and healthier way to get noticed by customers. Being rejected by brick-and-mortar publishers while putting lots of effort in delivering your works to them can hurt a lot. You have much more chances on the Internet.

How to Build an Online Presence

As we have just said, Internet presence is especially important for entrepreneurs, as the world wide web is now probably the most powerful channel for getting noticed as an entrepreneur. For example, in 2012 The Guardian posted the story of Amanda Hocking, a paranormal fiction writer who made millions by self-publishing online. Having been rejected by several publishers, she just sent the electronic versions of her books to Amazon and other digital ebook websites. By the way, Amazon itself and its history are one of the best examples of how important online presence is. Anyway, Amanda’s purpose was actually to earn some money for the Muppets exhibition in Chicago, but it also brought her the popularity and recognition. The same goes for promoting your products and services, it’s much easier via the web.

Other ways to improve your online presence are as follows:

  • Build a website. Even the beginners can use tools such as Wix or WordPress to create their own professional websites. For a brand new business, you do not need to publish lots of info on your website – it can be just a landing page representing you and your services/products.
  • Start a blog. You probably already have a blog, but if you still don’t, then it’s time to start. Your words are your power, and people read blogs to get fresh and high-quality content. Again, the most popular blogging platform is WordPress. Its simplicity is a true gift for creative entrepreneurs who are thinking of how to build an online presence.
  • Become a contributor. You can promote your services or tell your story on other platforms by publishing guest posts. As a result, your main blog or website will get more traffic from other sources – people will be coming to learn more about you.
  • Create a business profile on social media. It can be a Facebook page or an Instagram account where you can publish various writing tips and thus promote your work – it’s up to you to decide. Choose the platform that is most convenient for you and start interacting with your target audience. Try to answer all of their comments, at least at early stages, so they can see a real person behind the brand.

The Bottom Line

The rise of the Internet and modern technologies have brought businesses an exciting opportunity to create strong online profiles and thus promote their services. As a business owner, you can also benefit from the importance of online presence and get closer to your customers. There are several ways to boost your online presence: you can build a website, start a blog, contribute to other websites, or promote your services via a social media profile.

No matter which way you choose, remember that building an online presence can even be fun if approached correctly. See it as a way to connect with your possible customers and start selling online.

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