How to Build A Dating App like Tinder

By Rylie Holt

Dating apps have transformed our culture, redefining how we bond and socialize with others. For businesses, they offer opportunities, given their niche nature. For every Tinder, there is an app focused on a very different space. Everything from dating based on religion to dating based on wealth is an option when it comes to dating apps.

Has your business identified an opening in the market, and are you interested in building a dating app like Tinder? The good news is that with the new philosophy of MVP app development you can create and launch a dating app in a matter of months with a smaller budget than you might expect.

MVP – a solution for any business

MVP or Minimum Viable Product app development is based on one thing – getting you the bare minimum of what you need to launch your app. Hence, the name. This approach to app development is revolutionizing the process, providing even the smallest shops with the opportunity to create and launch apps. MVP app development begins with a template of core features. From this tech stack, designed to create a viable albeit minimal basis for your project, you can then add on or edit out features to suit your needs. The timeline for delivering a project like this can be incredibly swift, and the costs can be as low as a few thousand dollars.

Tech stack for your app

With a dating app, you want a core tech stack that delivers the basics. The team over at, who have made significant inroads into optimizing the MVP experience, cite the following features as the core and essential tech stack for a dating app:

  • Analytics
  • Block Users
  • Chat
  • Comments
  • Favorites
  • Filter Items
  • Invite Friends
  • Location
  • Notifications
  • Photo Library
  • Privacy Settings
  • Profile/Bio
  • Push Notifications
  • Reviews
  • Search
  • Settings
  • Share
  • Sorting
  • Splash Screen
  • User Groups
  • User Status
  • Videos

You can edit this list as needed thanks to Builder’s user-friendly interface. They even offer the opportunity to customize features if you do not see something that you need. You can submit samples of other apps that have the feature you want, and then Builder’s team of developers can add it in.

Building solutions

Building your dating app in Builder Studio is a straightforward process. You begin by selecting your template from the app marketplace. In our example, it would of course be Tinder. You can then review the tech stack and edit as needed. Features are categorized so you can find what you need easily. You can also adjust the scale of your project by budget or timeline to better suit your business.

The huge advantage with an MVP launch of a dating app (beyond cost and speed) is the fact that you can test your marketplace to find the right market fit. As you can see in our tech stack above, analytics is at the top of the list. By launching MVP style, you can use your ‘soft’ launch as an opportunity to gather data, analytics, and customer feedback before committing to, or expanding your offering.

Builder Studio makes this easy. For one, they maintain your tech stack on an ongoing basis, running constant updates, and staying on top of bug fixes. When changes need to happen, they can happen and they can happen quickly and efficiently. The Studio development process itself, too, is designed for adjustments in real-time. You can edit your project as it proceeds, and you can even save money at the end of your project if it delivers ahead of schedule. Selecting features is a simple matter of point and click. You can also edit your development process to include a Prototype stage and Roadmap stage, or else go fast and minimal with Development and Full Build.

Developing a dating app modeled off of Tinder is a complete reality thanks to companies such as Builder. Have you had your own experiences with MVP apps or dating apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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