How to choose the best wire for vaping for any vaper.

By Steve Drake


For starters there are several kinds of wire on the market and in here I’ll tell you about Kanthal, Nickel and titanium each with its own characteristics and from here we can know which one is better suited for you and you’ll know which is the Pure Atomist is one of the manufacturers of the best vape wire and are well known in the industry because of their customer service and quality of products.

This annealed Kanthal wire is perfect for beginners that want to learn how to make coils and have them last for long periods of time it is very sturdy and you can change your wicks easily without damaging or bending your coils.

This wire gauge would be the smallest one to use for sub-ohm coils and since it can be used by virtually any vaporizer while being able to handle the heat caused by the low resistance.

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2. Pure Atomist – 32 AWG Gauge KA1

2bThis one if perfect for micro coils or even as wrapping material and should be used with the previous coil to make a coil with more area of contact to vaporize better the e liquid.

Also it can handle a low of power being a 100 Watts vaporizer nothing to this wire you could give it more current and it will still be fine, also it can be used from 40-50 Watts so if your vaporizer does not give so much power don’t worry the most common wire used on the market is this one Kanthal 32 gauge and therefore it should work on any non-temperature controlled vaporizer.

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3. Kanthal & 20 pcs. Japanese Cotton – 100 ft 26 Gauge

3bMaster of clouds is on the companies that has grown quickly in the last years and

Perfect for the price and it comes with Japanese organic cotton so it would be a great kit for the ones that want to learn how to build a coil with the best wick for rba, also being a 26 wire gauge it does require a more potent vaporizer.

And it can be temperature controlled however the coil wraps should not touch between them packed with the organic cotton that does not need to be boiled you can make and use your own coils on no time.

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4. Lightning Vapes Pure Nickel Wire 28 Gauge

4bBeing made of pure nickel this is the fastest heating wire that you can buy by a long shot, it has been soft annealed so it will still bend easily while getting a better mechanical strength and you want that because tempered wires are harder to work with.

These wires work with a very low power consumption so if you want your battery to last build your own pure nickel coil and it will last since it only needs 20-30 watts of power to work, obviously you’ll need a temperature controller for it to work but the benefits are beyond measure.

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5. Premium Titanium Wire

5bAh titanium wire, the best of the best this wires for the professionals that want to get the greatest flavor or as some would say with titanium wire the ‘true’ flavor of the e juice since it does get all of the characteristics right of the previous wires it does come at a price, however it is worth every cent.

Vapor Tech is one of the few manufacturers that provide this wire and it’s because the treatment and quality of titanium are quite difficult to handle and they do it right every time, always ensuring that their products will deliver and excellent customer service.

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Choosing the best vape wire is easy when you know what you want out of your rba build, if you are starting or want to make coil vape builds you can find all the right materials in here like the best wick for rba and still be able to know how to use them effectively. Always remember to use temperature controllers on Nickel and Titanium wires since when overheated they can present a serious threat to our health by burning or giving us cancerigens.

Remember to use protection using Nickel wire for vaping because of the burns that I have got I can tell you from experience that a 1200 ° C burn is not what you want to get while testing your new coil build. All of the recommended wires do not give any harmful effects in their use such as Cancerigens or allergic reactions because of the physical properties of Nickel.

If you have an allergic reaction to nickel just use gloves when handling them, don’t worry none of it gets vaporized since it melts at 1400 ° C and by that point the Nickel vapor should be the last of your worries. All of this is to help you to keep a conscious hobby while giving you the relaxed experience that you truly deserve and keeping a healthy habit.

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