How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversations

By Brooke Collins

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks & Conversations

Crafting the right headline for an article is perhaps the most important thing you can do in reaching out to readers. This is due to the fact that most people only read the article if the headline is appealing to them.

Many people overlook the importance of having great headlines. This is one of the reasons why so much great content in the world goes unseen.

Point is, if the headline grabs your attention you will stay engaged; i.e. you’ll watch the TV commercial, read the newspaper article, or click the link.

To understand how you can adopt good headline writing habits, we’ve gone through the trouble of putting together several key points in creating headlines that get more clicks.

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1. Focus On Helping, Not Telling

Creating headlines that promote helping garners great results. If you can solve a problem someone is in desperate search of — then your article will do well.

2. Show a Sign of Urgency

Typing out a headline that urges a reaction from potential readers is another good practice. Saying things like “…Now or Never” or “First come, first served…” sparks curiosity.

3. Put Together How To’s

Putting together posts on the best way a person can learn how to do something they’ve never done is truly informational — like “How To Make Unicorns With Glitter”.

4. Implement Keywords

This is a hugely important tactic used by so many agencies and publications, as it adheres to essential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. In laymen terms, keywords in headlines help search engines know what your articles are about, making them easier to be found by readers.

5. Share Your Experience

Filling in readers on what you’ve learned about a specific life experience goes a long way in gaining their trust. For example, “What I Learned from Being Broke and Homeless” would appeal to those who can relate.

6. Use Analyzer Tools

If you search the internet, you’d find many sites that provide tools that’ll help you create the best headline. Headline Analyzer is one.

7. Numbers for List Headlines

Anything having to do with using a list of items to educate a reader gives the right transparency on what to expect.


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