How To Develop A Continuous Stream Of Fresh Content Ideas

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When you first started your online business, you were probably too preoccupied with the mechanics of launching your business to pause long enough to consider the time-consuming role content would play in building your brand.

Initially, you looked for the right idea for your business. If you were diligent, you visited forums in your niche, eavesdropped on a few conversations, and asked relevant questions. Once you had found a good marketing opportunity, you then probably did extensive keyword research to confirm your insight.

After you had a business plan in mind, you probably did some research to find the best web hosting platform for online business. Once you had found one with all the user-friendly features and technical benefits you needed, you then either hired a website designer or built your own website.

It was only later when your website was up and running and you had developed a successful product idea that you realized that content marketing took more and more of your attention. Without a consistent outflow of material, it’s difficult to build an audience.

Ironically, once you develop a reputation as a leading expert in your field and your business becomes successful, it’s difficult to get off the content treadmill because people are eager to hear from you.

So how do you keep up with the constant demand for content creation? Here are 5 strategies:

1. Keep a journal of new ideas.

How do you find fresh ideas to continue to engage your audience? Always carry a notebook with you and jot down ideas that occur to you throughout your day. You’ll stumble upon ideas when browsing other people’s blog posts, interact on social media, or visit a bookstore. You might also have a fascinating conversation or see an unusually good movie that sparks your imagination. There is no shortage of ideas available; the trick is to be sure you catch them as they show up for you.

2. Vary the length of your posts.

Yes, long posts get more SEO juice, but it’s hard to keep up with a heroic word count every time you sit down to write a blog post. As your posts become more authoritative and the number of comments increases, you’ll find that what used to take a few hours to write now stretches over several days.

One way to avoid burning yourself out is to vary the length of your posts.Rather than aim for a full course meal every time, opt for smaller portions on occasion. Some tasty snacks – that is, short posts loaded with insightful ideas– might give you and your audience a refreshing change of pace.

3. Create a sequence rather than deliver all your content in one go.

Another way to get out of writing long posts that take hours to research is to break up a topic into installments.

For instance, if you have a fitness blog and you’re writing about a 12-week routine that focuses on different exercises every week, you can create a 12-week series.

In week one, you’ll only go into detail about the exercises for that week’s workout. You’ll do the same for every week of the program; writing up a post before the beginning of each coming week.

This idea of creating a sequence has some natural advantages: you won’t burn yourself and your readers out with a 5,000 word blog on what to do for each of the 12 weeks, and you’ll build up the suspense. Readers will check in every week to see what they have to do next. Admittedly, it’s a tricky idea, but with enough foreplanning, it will make your blog a bit of a cliff-hanger.

4. Be open to the idea of not writing all the content yourself.

There are many ways of outsourcing work:

· If you have staff members, ask them to contribute to your blog based on their expertise.

· Hire top quality writers and give them a byline. A new face, a new perspective, will keep your blog interesting.

· Invite subject matter guest bloggers to contribute to your blog.

5. Switch up how you deliver content.

You don’t always have to write blog posts to deliver content.

· You could do a video interview other experts in your field and share the video interview.

· You could talk directly to your audience on a topic via video.

· You could use infographics to describe a concept amenable to a timeline.

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