How to Find the Right Boxing Glove Size

By Mike Sullivan

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Are you just getting started with boxing, but not sure what gloves you should get? One thing that you’ll need to determine is the best size of boxing gloves for you. Here, I’ll go through the various boxing glove sizes available, and give you the information that you need to make your choice.

Whether you’re doing it just for fun or for a change in your workout, boxing training is great for your fitness level. In addition to the physical benefits, there are mental and emotional benefits as well; it’s a great way to channel your aggression, increase discipline, and boost energy and focus.

Buying your own gloves is a good investment, even if you’re just getting started. While gloves and other gear like punching bags and jump ropes are available for you to use at the gym, the boxing gloves that are available tend to be worn out. Additionally, smell can be an issue with these gloves, as years of extensive use build up an odor that may be hard for you and others to deal with, and may be hard to get off of your hands after your workout.

A few of the questions that new boxers have when they go to get their first pair of gloves include what size boxing gloves should I get? How are boxing gloves sizes measured? Upon what criteria is boxing glove sizing done? These questions are important because using the wrong size will have a big negative affect on your performance.

One thing that can be confusing is that boxing glove sizes are typically expressed in weight (meaning the number of ounces, which ranges from 8 oz to 20 oz or more). However, boxing glove sizes and boxing glove weights are two different things. In addition to the sizes in weight (as described below), sizes are also expressed in small, medium, or large.

What does this mean? Typically, 8 oz gloves are small and 20 oz gloves are large. However, professional fighters need gloves with a weight of 8 or 10 oz gloves, regardless of the size of their hands. This means that you can have an 8oz glove that comes in small, medium, or large. However, unless your hand size and body weight are mismatched, you’ll want to use the glove size/weight that is defined below based on the size of your hands and your body weight.

Below is how you can find the right boxing glove size for you.

Determining the Size of Your Hand For Glove Sizing

First, measure the circumference of your hand. Using a soft plastic measuring tape, hold your palm flat, spread your fingers out, and place the tape beneath the knuckles. Wrap the tape around until it’s tight.

Write down the measurement that you get. Generally speaking, the measurement will map to glove size as follows:

  • 6 – 7.5 inch circumference corresponds to 12 oz gloves.
  • 7.5- 8.5 inch circumference corresponds to 14 oz gloves.
  • 8.5 -9.5 inch circumference corresponds to 16 oz gloves.
  • 9.5 inches and above corresponds to 18 or 20 oz gloves.

This size can be a good starting point for you to work with; however, there are other considerations that we’ll discuss below.

How Body Weight Impacts Boxing Gloves Size

Additionally, there are guidelines for boxing glove size based on your weight category as well.

  • If you weigh less than 120lbs, consider 12oz or 14oz gloves
  • If you weigh between 120lbs and 150lbs, consider 14oz or 16oz gloves
  • If you weigh between 150lbs and 180lbs, consider 16oz or 18oz gloves
  • If you weight over 180 lbs, consider 18oz -20oz gloves

Additional Tips for Finding the Right Boxing Gloves Size

If you’re planning to wear hand wraps under your boxing gloves, put your hand wraps on before you measure your hands. Otherwise, your new gloves might not fit correctly once you pull them on over the hand wraps. The below video shows you how to wrap your hands.

When you try your new boxing gloves on, it’s actually better if they are a bit on the tight side. This is because boxing gloves will stretch with use over time, and you want them to be a good fit for the long haul. Plus, you want to make sure that there is no room inside the glove for your fingers to move around, because that increases the risk of injuries.

Boxing gloves are an investment, and you want to make sure that you get the right size up front in order to be comfortable, prevent injury, and fit with your workout, whether that’s bag work, sparring, or competition. Hopefully, these tips will help you determine the right size boxing glove for you – gloves that will continue to fit long-term.

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