How to keep fire safety practices in place in work

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As the person in charge of keeping a business and operation safe, one thing you should be very attentive to is the importance of high-end fire safety. Many of us struggle with fire safety, and it is easy to see why. Often hard to contain and keep on top of, a fire that begins to burn can become very hard to deal with. In the wrong office or workplace setting, that fire could soon spread and put everyone at risk. What, then, should you do if you wish to avoid such an issue?

Invest in a fire curtain

The first and arguably most important thing that you can do is invest in a fire curtain or smoke curtain. These are very powerful and effective tools that, when used, can provide up to two hours of protection from the fire. It breaks the fire down and contains it in a particular location, meaning that you then have time to make a decisive plan about how to combat the flames and the inferno. Without a fire curtain, though, the flames could just continue to spread and dominate.

You have to do something to keep them at bay, and often the finest way to do that is to use a fire curtain. A smoke curtain is also useful, as this will help to keep the smoke from getting through into the rest of the office. This makes sure that visibility is never weakened, and it should leave you with more than enough opportunity to get out from the fire without smoke damage.

By containing the rush of the fire, you make sure that your business can be saved by people who come in and solve the problem at hand.

Let your staff talk to you about fire safety

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make, though, is disregarding the health & wellbeing of your staff. If you do not listen to their concerns, they will move on. Nobody wants to work in a place of business that puts their life at risk, or makes it hard for them to feel safe as they work. If you worry that you could be creating a culture like this, you should immediately put in place a plan to stop this.

You see, if you let people talk to your team and let staff get fears off their chest, you’ll learn a huge amount about your business. This can go a long way to building and creating a safer experience, ensuring that you spend less time worrying and more time seeing improvement. Staff have to feel safe and confident that their workplace is doing everything they can to keep them safe.

Well, are you?

Keep this in mind, as it could make it hard to retain staff if they do not feel safe. Let them be open about their fears about fire safety, and you should soon make a big difference to the kind of fire safety standards in the workplace. A bit of openness and vigilance to staff uncertainty is a great way to keep your business productive and, most importantly, fire-safe.

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