How to kit out a guest bedroom

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When guests stay over with us, we want them to be comfortable, right? Here’s a few tips on how to deck out your guest bedroom.

Essential Furniture

No guest bedroom is complete without the obvious – one of those luxury beds that will show your guests that you value their companionship. If it needs to be said, go for a big bed (that rhymes!) The bigger the better. How often have you stayed as a guest in a tiny bed and had a terrible night sleep? If you have the room, choose a kingsize bed, or even a super-kingsize if you can (there is nothing like stretching out in one of these bad boys…)

Then there are the bedside tables. These are essential items in any guest bedroom, especially when your guests are enjoying a bedside cup of coffee or refreshing tea.

Next up is a dresser – and it really must have a mirror! A small stool that can be tucked under completes the picture (a high-back chair will get in the way – best leave this for other rooms.)

The last essential item is some form of hanging space for clothing. This could be a wardrobe with a rail installed, or a simple rail on wheels. A wardrobe clearly offers the most in terms of style and privacy, but it may be a bulky item that is greedy with the space in the room. A clothes rail, although basic, offers greater flexibility in the use of space as they can be easily disassembled when not in use. They’re also a more inexpensive option, so easier on the wallet.

Tie the look of all your bedroom furniture together with a theme. Whatever your choice is, be it ultra-modern to shabby chic furniture,

Extra comfort

If your guest room has the space, then go for a small two-seater sofa and cushions, and one of those luxury coffee tables for the utmost in function and comfort. These offer somewhere comfortable and casual for your guests to hang out in their own company, especially if they’re a family who will be taking their turn to hit the shower! A TV hanging on a wall bracket will provide your guests with casual entertainment without taking up much room. You can find a simple and functional TV for a good price – this won’t bust your budget. Important tip: check that the TV remote works occasionally (how often have you stayed in a hotel and been frustrated that the remote’s batteries are kaput?)

Other things you should add into a guest bedroom

Reading lamps

Add a reading lamp on bedside tables so your guests can read before sleep. Use a low power bulb to avoid over-brightening the space and to add comfort.

Variety of books

Add a bookshelf with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books – go for the popular choices you might find on a typical bookshelf. Travel guides are always a good choice.

Bottles of water and glasses

Get some flip-top glass bottles that can be refilled from a water source, and a couple of glasses for your guests to use in case of thirst. Don’t forget the glasses (and yes, use glass and not plastic.)

A kettle and drink-making facilities

A tray of coffee and tea, with some cups, really does finish off your guest bedroom. Although not essential, it allows your guests to make a beverage when they wake up and rise at their own pace. For that special touch, provide fresh milk rather than those sachets of coffee-creamer.

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