How to modernise your conference stand

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As anyone involved in business will testify, conferences can be worth their weight in gold if done properly. A good conference stand won’t only drive immediate business, but also business for years to come if you manage it well.

Nowadays, the scope is far and wide when it comes to modern conference stands. We will now take a look at some of the methods you can tap into to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd and ultimately, attracts those elusive customers.

Make sure you offer a point of sale

Once upon a time you might have been able to get away with not offering products for sale on your stand. After all, it was difficult and expensive to take card payments, and many companies didn’t want to keep cash at the stand.

Now, this has turned on its head. Potential clients will be utterly dismayed if they can’t make a purchase there and then, with a lot of merchant services completely affordable and without those costly up-front charges.

If you risk asking the client to make a purchase later on, after the event has finished, your conversion rates are going to drop substantially.

The lure of Wi-Fi

As we all know, wherever we turn we tend to be surrounded by internet access. The problem, when met with a large conference, is that every man and his dog is attempting to connect to the service provided by the venue. The result is a slow, clunky service, that gets everyone’s backs up.

This is where your conference stand really can come into its own. By offering Wi-Fi yourself, you are immediately opening yourself up to conversations with anyone who wants to log on to the internet a little quicker. You’ll be able to spark conversations with clients that would otherwise not have noticed your stand, and hopefully land some more conversions.

Everyone needs a workspace

This next suggestion is going to be in a very similar vein to the most recent one.

Most people attending conferences are taking a day out of the office, meaning that a backlog of emails is most probably awaiting them. At the same time, they may need to quickly send something over during the conference itself.

Advancements in smartphones means that this can be done on the small screen, but in an ideal world you need a laptop. This is where you can provide workspaces and plug sockets and again introduce a wealth of new people to your stand. Sure, some will just be there for the facilities, but you might be able to convert a handful and this will make the practice thoroughly worthwhile.

Work the event before you arrive

Finally, this isn’t so much a modern tip, but something to help you build momentum ahead of the big day.

Far too many companies turn up and hope that the hordes of people there will just flock to their stand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that.

Instead, you need to drum up appeal. It might be by emailing your contacts (beware of the latest GDPR laws), or it might be advertising your stand directly online. Regardless, make sure people know that you are there, rather than being caught off-guard by your presence.

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