How to Plan a Fundraiser

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Fundraisers provide a valuable opportunity for any business or nonprofit. If you’re a business, they help you market your company. If you’re a non-profit, they help you raise awareness for a cause. Besides these blessings, they also help you raise money, which is the main reason you’re planning one in the first place. The funds raised by a fundraiser help keep your business or nonprofit alive. Your theater company might depend on the help of fundraisers, and your nonprofit may rely on fundraisers to pay everyone’s salary. Whatever reason you need a fundraiser, you begin to plan the perfect one using the tips below.

Select a Date

For any event, the date is everything. Few people get married out of town on a Tuesday, because they want their guests to be able to attend. In the same way, you want your guests to be able to attend your fundraiser. The date should be far out enough in the future that you have time to plan and advertise your event. You should also choose a date that’s available at your venue of choice. Often, six months to a year in advance, on a weekend, is a good place to set your fundraiser’s date.

Set a Goal

It’s important, going into your fundraiser, to know how much you want to raise. If you want to raise thousands, or even millions, you’ll need to aim for an expensive fundraiser, like a gala. If your goal is to raise a few hundred, rely on a community event. Know how much you want to raise, and that in turn will help you choose the right kind of fundraiser.

Pick a Theme

Every good fundraiser has a theme. A fun theme helps inspire visitors to attend, and it often coincides with your cause. A theater company might put on an interactive historical fundraiser, while a fundraiser for the Humane Society could involve all kinds of furry cuties. You might want to host a barn dance fundraiser, and go all out with costumes, Old West food, mechanical bull rentals, and a live square-dancing band.

Provide Activities

The right fundraiser also comes with the right activities. You might provide a mini golf game, complete with light up golf balls for night time games. Make sure guests of all ages have something fun to enjoy, whether it’s your food, music, or crazy mustache photo booth.

Gather Volunteers

No one should try to plan a fundraiser alone. For total success, make sure you surround yourself with willing volunteers. If you’re fundraising for a company, encourage employees and their families to volunteer. If you’re raising money for a worthy cause, rely on individuals in the community to take part. Volunteers help you plan every aspect of the fundraiser, from merchandise, to food, to parking attendants on the day of.

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